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Lancashire Lookup Requests / Re: QSP lookup???
« on: Sunday 17 February 13 22:39 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks for that Radcliff, I shall work out the time difference from Australia and see if I can get them when they are open!! Regards Karen

Lancashire Lookup Requests / Re: QSP lookup???
« on: Sunday 17 February 13 14:11 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Radcliff, I dont think it would be the same. I am hoping it is a petition by a Robert Beesley who has paid for court proceedings in relation to the father of his daughters illegitimate children.
Hopefully it is for the trial  of a Thomas Hardiker who did not pay maintenance for his illegitimate children  and was sent to prison in Lancaster Gaol for 6 months.
I dont know how to get a hold of this  QSP other than  organizing a family historian to search the archives  in Prestons petty sessions records.
Any suggestions on how to acquire these documents regarding said trial in 1841 would be most appreciated.
regards Karen

Lancashire Lookup Requests / QSP lookup???
« on: Saturday 16 February 13 13:05 GMT (UK)  »
 Hello folk,
could anyone please do a lookup for me re a  QSP???
I am told this is a Quarter Sessions Petition.
Reference number  QSP/3152/46 
Title  Bill of costs of prosecution of Robert Beesley
Date  c1841
Access  this material is available to view at Lancashire Archives by anybody holding a valid reader's ticket.

thankyou so much!!
regards Kazzann

Lancashire Lookup Requests / Re: Jenny Beesley
« on: Saturday 09 February 13 23:25 GMT (UK)  »
Thankyou Ladyhawk... I'll keep this one in my records... interesting, but have not yet looked into the siblings of Margaret Heaton,
I appreciate your help!!
re Kazzann

Lancashire Lookup Requests / Re: request for a will or probate lookup???
« on: Saturday 09 February 13 14:01 GMT (UK)  »
Hello Pels,
interesting!!! Yes I have come across the name Hodskinson throughout many of my family records.
Tell me what you think of these records in regard to your Elizabeth Beesley and  Leonard...

From: Return of Papists...1767 living in Woodplumpton

William Beesley   age 70     a tailor
Ann Beesley       age  50    tailors wife
Henry Beesley            35   Shoe maker
Ellen , his wife             39
Henry and Ellens children
William                         8
Robert                         8   (This Robert is believed to be the Robert who married Margaret Heaton in 1784)
Leonard                       7
Elizabeth                      5
John                            3

Seeing that these Papist records came from 1767, and your Elizabeth  married in 1785... it would make Elizabeth a good age to have married!! ie : born 1762... approx  23 yrs of age at marraige!!!
And they have a brother called Leonard!!!! Bingo!!!!! 

Now, regards to Thomas Hardiker and Jane... This had always been my assumption also,,, that he was not Catholic (actually I am fairly certain he was not Catholic), as the Beesley family definatley were very staunch. I can quite easily see that they would not have been allowed to marry unless one or the other converted to the others religion. 
I would love to find more information on his trial in 1841 as it may uncover some of the family prejudices and rivalries.   According to both Jane and Thomas's death certificates... she died a spinster and he died a batchelor... but, sadly, Thomas Hardiker did not recognize any of his children in his will.
It tells me that there must have been irreconcilable rifts that occured (he did go to prison on their behalf... sort of, after all!!!). Funnily enough, when their son 'Robert Beesley" married for the second time (after mother Jane Beesley passed away)  his fathers name of "Thomas Hardicker" was acknowledged on his  wedding certificate which was not proclaimed on his first wedding certificate while his mother was still alive!!!
Anyhow, I would be interested to see what you think about the above, early  Beesley records.
Our family have the verbal stories that our Beesleys link back to the martyr, Blessed George Beesley of "The Hill" at Goosnargh. This my goal,,, to find the connection,

Lancashire Lookup Requests / Re: request for a will or probate lookup???
« on: Saturday 09 February 13 01:38 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Pets, I do have the will of Thomas Hardiker. He left his effetcst of under 1,000 pound to his sister "Mary Cookson"!!! Can you tell me where you think the connection may be, and I can let you know what documents I have that may help!!! Regards Kazzann!!!

Lancashire Lookup Requests / Re: Jenny Beesley
« on: Friday 08 February 13 14:09 GMT (UK)  »
I still cannot find any record for a Jane (or Jenny) Beesley born to Robert Beesley and Margaret Heaton, Inskip, or Fylde approx 1800. They were a Catholic family.
She is found living with Robert and Margaret in the 1841 census at Inskip with Sowerby, but I have found no birth record... any suggestions???

Lancashire Lookup Requests / Re: request for a will or probate lookup???
« on: Friday 08 February 13 10:03 GMT (UK)  »
I thought it would be worth a try seeing that his unmarried daughter left a will. Wills can help to unravell so many mysteries. Thanks to  all for your help :)

Family History Beginners Board / Re: Thomas Hardiker
« on: Thursday 07 February 13 14:15 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Diddy, I believe my Thomas Hardiker died in Little Eccleston in 1875 at the age of 68.
Thankyou for the articles, I'm not sure if the last two you mentioned are my Thomas or not as I havent seen them. It's always good to have  any stories for chronicaling for reference sake anyway, always appreciated. Thankyou

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