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Lancashire / birth deaths and marraige parish records pre 1837
« on: Sunday 09 October 11 07:01 BST (UK)  »
Can anyone tell me the best way to find parish records on line for the Fylde area Lancashire, pre 1837.
Are there any Catholic parish records available on line also??
Thanks for any help
regards Kazzann

Lookup request for marraige of Thomas Atkinson and Ellen (Helen) Beesley, approx 1814 Poulton Le Fylde (Fylde area).
Also requesting , birth of Thomas Atkinson born approx 1789, Gt. Singleton, Fylde Lancashire please!!!
Their children are registered in Poulton Le Fylde (Catholic I think)
James 1815
Mary 1817
Robert 1819
William 1821
Anne 1824
Thomas 1828

Thanks for any help
regards Kazzann

Lancashire / Help needed to find birth of Thomas Atkinson
« on: Sunday 09 October 11 06:11 BST (UK)  »
Hi there, needing help desperately!!
 I'm looking for birth of Thomas Atkinson. According to the 1851 census (living at Little Eccleston Hall, Little Eccleston, Lancs) he was born approx 1789 in Great Singleton. (Should also have a brother named John born approx 1787 same place). Thing is I can't find any births for these names at Gt. Singleton. I found a Thomas born to  Thomas and Jane Atkinson 1787 at "Stalmine"... Could this be a possibility or would it be too far  from Singleton???
I think they were Catholic.
Also, I can't figure out  how to get onto an "Atkinson  roots chat board" ???
thanks from Kazzann

Great stuff!! I've been having a great read ,
Thanks Sylvia and all

It's great to hear everyones input. Interesting also, to see what timeframe suggestions you  have. Thankyou Sylvia for the website, it  shows a few photos with  very similar appearances. I noticed many farmers with very dark tans, also  photographed in England... interesting!
The photo had been bought from a sale at the hotel in Singleton a few years ago, apparently it had been hanging on the wall for many years.,(someone must have decided it was time for a revamp!!!, sad when history gets sold with a revamp hey!!) regards Kazzann

Oh Sorry, the "Singleton" where the photo was found, was in Lancashire England.
regards Kazann

Hi there, I took a photo of this original, it was on thick card (sorry I can't show the back or edges). The original was found in an old hotel calld "The Miller Arms" in Singleton, Lancashire. There is / has been, a large farming community in that area.
The photo interests me as this is the area my family farmed over many decades. Whether the photo was evan taken in Singleton, I am unsure??
Can anyone please date it and give me a possible "Whereabouts" it may have been taken please??
Thankyou, regards Kazzann

Hi Robert, how could you tell that the fellow with the jack russel was an undertaker???
Thankyou to everybody for your interesting input!! regards Kazzann

Lancashire / Re: Thomas Hardiker-which Gaol on 1841 census night?
« on: Sunday 10 October 10 10:08 BST (UK)  »
Hi there,
is it possible for you to tell us what you found in the 1841 census infiormation??
Ta re Kazzann

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