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I have now found Charles  in 1851 in Saltford, enumerated as Charles Grey. Ag Lab, aged 55 born Langridge, Somerset, Wife Elizabeth Gray 53 from Cole Ashton, Gloster.

Daughter Selina Gray, 23 is with them. Born Batheaston

Gosh.  That was quick!  He was christened in Bathampton so that's possible.

Many thanks for this,


He was christened in 1803, although he could've been 8 years old at the time.  There are no notes on the parish record apart from his parents.

There are a lot of crime reports about a Charles Gray (not sure if it's this one) according to one site I looked at so maybe he was in prison!

Good spot about the Gisfords.  I'm afraid it's almost impossible to see anything on that faint page from Ancestry.



I agree with Fellmonger.   Viewed on another site and although still faint you can clearly see the 2 'l's'.


So do I - it seems very plausible.  Thanks!


There's a report on an inquest in the Bath Chronicle and Weekly Gazette for 22 October 1863 - the death of Charles Gray aged 68 from drowning in a ditch at Batheaston. Doesn't mention his occupation though!

Fascinating.  This Charles Gray was probably nearer 60 at the time, but do you have a link to that?



Looks more like Fellmonger - a dealer in, or preparer of, animal skins

It does, doesn't it.  And that's a lot clearer!  Thanks very much.  ;-)


I attach a page from the 1841 census for Batheaston near Bath, Somerset.

Ancestry has transcribed the children and ages clearly on another page but does not list the occupations or yes/no answers.

I'm interested in the occupation of the head of the household in the red box on the attached page.  It looks like "foot monger" to me but I'm sure that can't be right! 

The children were christened in Somerset and the "Born in the county?" answer seems to be "Y" for them but am I right in thinking the parents are "No"?

I'd be very grateful for any help from anyone who's better at reading these things than I am! 



Berkshire Lookup Requests / Re: Binfield 1801 Census
« on: Monday 10 November 14 15:35 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks!  That seems likely. 


Curious - I thought I had listed the Binfield 1801 census in the Berkshire look-up offers.  If I did, I can't find it now!
A Moderator would have removed it if the publisher (Eureka?) complained.

Wiltshire / Re: GRAY Family from Semley!
« on: Friday 24 February 12 14:27 GMT (UK)  »
Given that George GRAY and Priscilla BURTON/BOURTON/BORTON appear to have been married at St Swithin's Walcot, Bath in 1798, I took a look yesterday at St Swithin's Walcot christenings via FreeREG/Bath Hundred Yahoo group files.

There was a George GRAY christened at St Swithin's Walcot, Bath on 12 October 1783, parents John GRAY and Mary.

This compares with "our" George GRAY being born in about 1781 according to the 1841 census and in about 1779 according to his death certificate in 1845.

Perhaps the "yes" to the "Born in Wiltshire?" question in the 1841 census might be wrong?  It wouldn't be the first time an enumerator got that one wrong.

What do you think?

(That said, the many Isaac Grays going back in the Semley records are very suggestive.  I still haven't found any likely looking children of George Gray christened in Somerset or Wiltshire between 1798 and 1805.  Perhaps there is an unrecorded/lost/untranscribed "James, son of George Gray" out there somewhere.)

I'm not sure where being the child of "John and Mary" would get us even if it is true.  Why couldn't his parents have been called Arbuthnot and Lavinia or somesuch?  ;-)

Wiltshire Lookup Requests / Re: Winterborne (e) or Bassett Wilts.
« on: Friday 24 February 12 14:03 GMT (UK)  »
The marriage of George GRAY and Priscilla BURTON can be found via FreeREG or the Bath Hundred Yahoo group.

They were married 30th April 1798 at St Swithin's Walcot, Bath.

In fact, she was christened Priscilla BOURTON/BORTON in Clyffe Pypard on 20th November 1778, parents Edward BOURTON and Ann ("Nanny" TEAGLE according to Nimrod).

The BOURTON/BORTON's go back several generations before that in the Winterbourne Bassett PRs.

Hence the references in the 1851 census to Priscilla (Gray) being born in "Cleeve" (an ancient name for Clyffe Pypard) and her daughter Rebecca being born in "Winterbourne" (she was christened in Winterbourne Bassett in 1798).

By the way, I am looking at the 1841 census page for George, Priscilla and Rebecca just now and there is no reference to "Waterhouse" on that page.
Is it on another page?

The 1841 tithe list for Limpley Stoke gives George (and presumably Priscilla and Rebecca)'s address as "Stoke Gate House and Bridge" while the 1851 census shows Priscilla and Rebecca living at Bridge Tollhouse, Limpley Stoke.  Priscilla's occupation is given as Toll Gate Keeper.

I visited the Limpley Stoke bridge last year and saw the house.  It's tiny!

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