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Further to my query re John Steer, Crowhurst Surrey and his parentage, I have found another IGI reference which may be of interest.

Mary Ann Steer married James Wood
December 19th 1818, Crowhurst, Surrey
C/E Parish church Crowhurst

Has anybody got any information re this family, any signs of a John b. 1816 as part of the family? ;)

Kent Completed Lookup Requests / STEER Westerham, Kent Parish records and 1861 census
« on: Sunday 19 December 04 15:21 GMT (UK)  »
Can anyone help me
Looking for details of John Steer in 1861, born in Crowhurst Surrey
Would be 46 years old, probably head of family, Son Philip Steer aged 7
Wife Phillis (nee Humphrey), born in Edenbridge, Kent, aged 39 or maybe dead ( John widower by 1871).
Philip (aka William) Steer was my great grandfather
Also any confirmation of IGI record of marriage of John and Phillis in Westerham  in May 1842 in parish records, and son Philip's birth in Jun qtr 1854, Sevenoaks district, in Westerham  or Crockham Hill, Kent

P.S. Anyone heard of Huddocks, Westerham where John and Phillis were living in 1851?
Thanks, Margaret

Surrey Completed Look up Requests / Re: John Steer Crowhurst
« on: Sunday 19 December 04 05:51 GMT (UK)  »
Jan, Just read through your reply again
Have you copied " different entries for 1871
In intro you have John Steer, Wife's mother, aged 56,
and in the actual copy you have John Steer, son, aged 43,
Were their 2 families with very similar profiles living near each other ?

Alfred Bridgeland, Head, Mar, M, 30, Ag lab, Kent Cowden
Mary Bridgeland, Wife, Mar, F, 27, Kent, Westerham
Kate Mary aged 6
Agnes Ann aged 3
Frederick aged 6m
John Steer, F-in-law, Wid ,M, 56, Ag lab, Surrey, Crowhurst
Phillip Steer, Son, Un, M, 17, Ag Lab, Kent ,Westerham
William Turner, Lodg, Wid, M, 76, Ag Labr, Kent Westerham
William Turner leads a double life it would seem!!
And sorry, it is another census where his birthplace is given as Westerham, presumably(?) by mistake -1881
Thanks again, Margaret

Surrey Completed Look up Requests / Re: John Steer Crowhurst
« on: Sunday 19 December 04 05:34 GMT (UK)  »
Jan, thanks very much for that info.
I think I've got better matches, which is what led me to his christening year.
1851  Huddocks? Westerham, Kent

John Steer, Head, Mar, M, 36, Ag Lab,Surrey, Crowhurst
Phillis Steer, wife,Mar, E, 29, Kent, Edenbridge
Mary Ann Steer, Daug, F, 7, Scholar, Kent, Westerham
George Steer, Son, M, 5, Scholar, Kent, Westerham
Kate Steer, Daug, F, 3, Scholar, Kent, Westerham

and 1871Park Cottages, Westerham, living with son-in-law Alfred Bridgeland and his wife, Mary, aged 27

John Steer, father-in-law, Wid, M, 56, Kent, Westerham (but written as ditto after rest of family
Phillip Steer, Son, Un, M, 17 Ag Labr, Kent Westerham    (my great grandfather)

This led me to his birth year approx 1815, and the 2 relevant IGI entries
Sorry if I did not give enough details before about what I already knew.
What I was interested in was why at his christening his mother's name only was given, and why at his marriage only his father's name was given, and a different name George Dawson at that

Thank you very much for taking the trouble to answer my first post on this board
Think I really wanted the Surrey Look up page, to find out any more details surrounding his birth
Thanks, Margaret

Surrey Completed Look up Requests / John Steer Crowhurst
« on: Saturday 18 December 04 12:26 GMT (UK)  »
Trying to trace John Steer, born Crowhurst Surrey c. 1815 (from Census records), lived in Westerham, Kent
2 IGI entries for  John Steer of right age and district 

Christened July 31st 1814, Crowhurst Parish Church, Surrey
Father not given
Mother given as Mary Ann Steer

Married May 9th 1842 Westerham Kent
Mother not given
Father given as Charles Dawson

Can anyone help me with his birth details, please

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