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The Stay Safe Board / Vaccinated people in UK admitted to hospital
« on: Wednesday 21 April 21 11:29 BST (UK)  »
BJ was questioned by a general public member yesterday regarding how many hospital admissions/deaths were of people already vaccinated. He said he didn't know exactly figures, but thought it would be very low.

The actual answer is that 32 out of a total of 74,705 patients admitted to hospital with Covid-19 between September and March had had the vaccine 3 weeks or more before.
Considering the time frame given, most if not all of these will have had only one dose of vaccine.

Really excellent news.

Technical Help / Re: Navigation bar - back, forward, refresh buttons missing
« on: Sunday 04 October 20 18:27 BST (UK)  »
Its the same in Chrome and Firefox. I can't see any way of getting the original back again.

I can still go back at the bottom of the screen, can go forward and refresh by accessing 'three vertical dots' at top R of screen, but it isn't as convenient.

As far as I can tell, I have the same version of Chrome on old and new tablets, a different Firefox version.

Chrome version 85.0.4183.127
Firefox version 81.1.2 old tablet
Firefox version 81.1.1 new tablet

Regards Margaret

Technical Help / Navigation bar - back, forward, refresh buttons missing
« on: Sunday 04 October 20 11:10 BST (UK)  »
I have recently bought a new phone and tablet and my favoured navigation bar has gone. I can't see a reason why they have changed, but much prefer the old one. Is there any way of retrieving this?

I attach photos from my old tablet and new tablet to show exactly what I am talking about.

Regards Margaret

Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing / Re: dna
« on: Monday 21 September 20 08:56 BST (UK)  »
So, you have been in contact, and it would seem that either the 93 year old man, or his relatives, are interested in reaching out.

I presume your father is a lot younger than 93, then!

Good luck.

Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing / Re: dna
« on: Monday 21 September 20 03:47 BST (UK)  »
There can be little doubt that this match is as suggested by LivingDNA. Either your grandparent, half sibling or uncle/aunt.

Depending upon this person's age in comparison to you, you might be able to work out which is the most likely.

Be very aware that this match may be nothing to do with your father, given that half sibling is a possibility.

Alternatively, given the relationships suggested, and the history you have given, this match could be his father, his sibling or even half sibling. Due to overlap of ranges in cMs, it will be very difficult to differentiate without contacting this person.

Have you tried this, or are you just waiting for your father's results to come back?

I do have a similar thing with mine and my 2 cousins matches, still not sorted out, as the match's father in this case is not willing to have a DNA test.

Due to the history given by our match, there can be little doubt that his father is half sibling to one of us, cousin to the other two. Will never be sorted out, until and unless his father has a test.

But I approached it from 'contact first, DNA testing later', rather than 'DNA test first, contact later'.

Regards Margaret

The Stay Safe Board / Re: Fake news
« on: Monday 27 July 20 11:43 BST (UK)  »
Missed it!!

The Stay Safe Board / GOV.UK Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the UK
« on: Saturday 18 July 20 23:50 BST (UK)  »
This is in beta mode at present, but has lots of useful and interesting information about current and cumulative case numbers in UK, also an interactive map. This can easily be changed for statistics in your local area.

My local area has had 1,328 cases in total, 5 in the last week, 0 for 2 days.

Regards Margaret

The Stay Safe Board / Re: "Back to normal by Christmas"
« on: Saturday 18 July 20 15:45 BST (UK)  »

Numbers of new cases seem to be creeping up again - unless that is another change in the way things are counted in the last four days.

Apparently we have been counting deaths incorrectly in England!   According to one report anyone who has ever tested positive and later dies, has Covid put on their certificate so, “It turns out you could have been tested positive in February, recovered, then get hit by a bus in July and you’d be recorded as a covid death.” The other 3 countries of the UK only put it if a death occurs within 28 days, which makes far more sense.

The way of counting deaths has always been via excess deaths over the five year average.

Not sure that that is correct, IgorStrav. British government up until now have been releasing daily death figures.

I don't think that the excess death figures over 5 year period are available on a daily basis, though I may be wrong.

Regards Margaret

Just checked: 5 year excess deaths are released each week by ONS.

The Stay Safe Board / Re: "Back to normal by Christmas"
« on: Saturday 18 July 20 13:26 BST (UK)  »
Yesterday Boris said that we would plan for the worst, but hope for the best.

His best case scenario was almost back to normal by November, and hopefully by Christmas.

I think that is what the papers have picked up on. Plenty of people have doubts about that, but we are allowed in each other's houses already. Christmas could work out ok, even with social distancing. Not quite the same, but then, nothing is.

Regards Margaret

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