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Other Countries / Pakistan: Lahore: Rana Motor Company/Corporation
« on: Sunday 20 March 16 11:04 GMT (UK)  »
I am looking for the Rana Motor Company in relation to another topic I raised:

There are numerous hits on google for this company (not sure how old they are) and there are two phone numbers (Phone: 6304758 Fax: 6360573 neither of which are in service) but no email or website.

I have contacted the Lahore Securities Unit (who manage company registrations) but they have no recent information on the company.

I have raised this as a separate topic to see if some fresh eyes can give me some information or advice about if this company still exists and if they do exist how I can make contact with them.


Occupation Interests / Cook? Chief Steward?
« on: Monday 07 March 16 11:12 GMT (UK)  »
Could I get some assistance in developing what these two occupations for a son & father are from a marriage certificate.


Other Countries / India: looking for John Slater Taylor 1940's
« on: Sunday 06 March 16 22:31 GMT (UK)  »
I am trying to find out what happened to a John Slater Taylor born in Ashford Kent March 1903 to parents Alfred & Ethel Taylor.  John married Doris Ethel Smith in 1928 and they had 2 children; Ivor 1931-2015 and a daughter 1936.  Sometime in the early 1940's he went to India for his company, an engineering company called Kryn & Lahy of Letchworth.   He never returned and the family have never found what happened to him.   There is some idea that he may have been in Lahore, possibly Model Town.

Would welcome any ideas/help


World War Two / John Slater Taylor
« on: Friday 04 March 16 10:49 GMT (UK)  »
I am helping a friend find out what happened to her great grandfather.  The story goes that John Slater Taylor went to India with the army around 1940 (when his two children were 9 and 5 years) and was never heard of again.  I have done some general searches and found nothing so now looking for help here.

John Slater Taylor was born March 1904 in Ashford Kent, son of Arthur Thomas Taylor & Ethel Slater. He married Doris Ethel Smith in 1928 in Lewisham and had 2 children, Ivor John (1931-2015) and a daughter in 1936.

Hope someone can help


Monmouthshire / Joseph Davies & family on 1891 census
« on: Wednesday 27 January 16 15:16 GMT (UK)  »
Struggling to find this family on the 1891 census:

1881 census:

Household Members:   
Name                 Age
Joseph Davies           24   Born Mynyddislwyn, Monmouth, Wales
Hannah M. Davies   21   Born Mynyddislwyn, Monmouth, Wales
Mary E. Davies            3    Born Mynyddislwyn, Monmouth, Wales
David J. Davies                 Born Mynyddislwyn, Monmouth, Wales

Living in Abercarn  17 Shop Row

1901 Census

Household Members:   
Name                  Age   Born
Joseph Davies           44    Abercarn
Hannah M Davies   42     "
Martha J Davies           18     "              Daughter
Arthur H Davies           13     "              son
Percy H Davies             9    "               son
Marwya M Davies     7    "               son
Gladys Davies             4    "              daughter
Mary A Wright           23    "              daughter
Percy F Wright            2

Living in Abercarn

1911 -  all of the above except Mary A  & Percy F are on the 1911 census and still in Abercarn.

Tried all I know to find the 1891 census, hope another rootschatter can help.


Monmouthshire / Ebbw Vale War Memorial
« on: Tuesday 26 January 16 14:55 GMT (UK)  »
Is there an online list of WW1 casualties on the Ebbw Vale War Memorial?


United States of America / Following a "Rumour"
« on: Saturday 31 October 15 10:11 GMT (UK)  »
John Thomas Williams was born 1883 in Llandudno, Wales to parents William Edward Williams & Susannah Elizabeth Thomas. 

On the 1911 UK census he is living in Blackwood, Monmouthshire, South Wales with wife Mary Elizabeth (Brimble), 2 children and his father-in-law.  His occupation is given as House Plasterer & Tiler (he is a plasterer on the 1901 census in Llandudno).

Family "rumour" has it that he left for the USA between 1911 & 1914.  His wife Mary had a child with another man (who she later married) in 1915 (registered March Qtr 1915 so earliest conception April 1914).

I have searched for John Thomas Williams (the name does not help!) in the US without any success and would welcome other eyes to have a look for him.

I am doing this search for a friend and the rumour could be just that and John Thomas may have gone to some other part of the UK or elsewhere but would welcome rootschat help.


Caernarvonshire / Susannah Elizabeth Williams 1911
« on: Wednesday 28 October 15 19:00 GMT (UK)  »
I am looking for a Susannah Elizabeth Williams and her family in 1911.  Now I know that I can't get a look up on 1911 census, that is not what I looking for (I have worldwide A..ty). It is just that I cannot find the family in 1911  (or anywhere else) and I would be grateful if I could get some other eye's on them.

In 1901 the family are living in Charlton Street, Llandudno and the family are:

Name                                 Age   Born              Occupation
Wm Ed Williams                           40     Liverpool        Plasterer
Sus Elizth Williams (nee Thomas)   42     Carnarvon
John Thos Williams                   17     Llandudno      Plasterer
M E Williams                          16     Llandudno      Plumbers Apprentice
David H Williams                  14     Llandudno
Madge M Williams                   9       Llandudno
Catherine Williams                   4       Llandudno
Susan Thomas                          66      Carnarvon       Aunt

In 1911 John Thomas Williams is living in Blackwood, Monmouthshire and is married to a Mary Elizabeth (Brimble) and they have 2 children.  John Thomas's father William is also in South Wales a few miles down the valley from Blackwood, boarding at 3 High Street, Ynysddu, Monmouthshire.

However I cannot find the rest of the family in North Wales.

I am doing research for a friend and his grandfather is the above John Thomas Williams.  John Thomas vanishes from the family around 1913/14 and is believed to have gone to America.  I have been unable to find him and I was hoping to locate his siblings to see if I could find a trace from that side of the family.

Any help appreciated.


Canada / Siblings Lancelot & Asholot Barnes
« on: Monday 24 August 15 10:48 BST (UK)  »
I was helping a Rootschat member search for an Abraham Dodd born 1855 Wales.  I located Abraham emigrating to Canada from Liverpool in 1884 on the Samatain.  I have Abraham on the 1891 census in Canada, then on the 1900 census in Belt, Montana, USA and then on the 1906, 1911, 1916 & 1921 census in Alberta, and his eventual death in 1926.

On the 1900 census he is living with his wife Mary Jane, his married daughter Margaret Catherine Barnes and 2 grandchildren:

Household Members:   
Name   Age
Abraham Dodd          45  Wales
Mary J Dodd          42  Wales
Margrette C Barnes   25 Wales
Lanclot G A Barnes   6   Canada  (male)
Asholot B C Barnes   4   Montana (female)

Source: Year: 1900; Census Place: Belt, Cascade, Montana; Roll: 909; Page: 6B; Enumeration District: 0144; FHL microfilm: 1240909

Now I thought that it would be relatively easy to find the grandchildren with such unusual first names but I just cannot find them.  They are not with either their mother or their grandparents after this 1900 census.

Abraham & his wifes census information shown above.  With regard to their mother Margaret Catherine born 1876 Wales:

I have Margaret remarrying in 1903 in Fergus, Montana to an Albert McRay(McRae):
It shows her surname as Thomas (her mothers surname) but it is her. 

I believe I then have Margaret & Albert on the 1906 Canada census: , but the children are not with her.
I also believe I then have Margaret on the 1921 census with her husband:
Source: Reference Number: RG 31; Folder Number: 20; Census Place: Victoria (City), British Columbia; Page Number: 15

Margaret did marry again after 1921 to an Edwin Hall Thomson and died 1955 but no mention of children.

I don't have a personal interest in this but I am peeved that I am unable to find what would appear to be unusual names.  Only other clue I have is that the 1900 name is transcribed as Barnes but it could be Bowles or something similar.  Not found a marriage for a Dodd to either a Barnes or Bowles in Canada or US.

Can you find them?


Note: posted on USA forum also:

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