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Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs / Re: On the beach at Barry Island
« on: Saturday 18 July 09 18:19 BST (UK)  »
Hi Wendy

Thank you -  you can almost feel that sand


Best Regards


Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs / Re: Dad 1917
« on: Saturday 18 July 09 18:17 BST (UK)  »
Wendy, Irene, Old Hippy

Thanks for some great restores - dad looks even younger.

A thousand thanks



Just off to war -  enhancement really appreciated.



My mother and her sisters on the beach around 1925.  Enhancement appreciated.



Hi Valda

Thanks yet again.  Will follow up your information at Croydon the next time I am in London.

Thanks for all the time and effort.



Glamorganshire Lookup Requests / Morgan Brothers Boxers - Tir Phil
« on: Saturday 18 July 09 10:12 BST (UK)  »
Have recently found out that the Morgan brothers from Tir Phil, all very good boxers, were cousins of my mother Mother Maud Jenkins (born 1903).

There were at least 6 boys in the family, Danny, Terrence, Jack, Dai, George and Reg.  I have uncovered boxing records and some details of some fights (Danny V Tancy Lee, and George V Billy Rose).

I am trying to find the connection between my mother and the Morgans, i.e. was it through her fathers side, Jenkins, or mothers, Carter.

I know that Danny was born around 1899, but I have been unable to locate the family on either the 1901 or 1911 census.

Anyone out there know the family.



Hi Valda

Thanks for the last information.  On my last posting I said that I had found my g grandfather Patrick and his second wife Elizabeth with their name transcribed as France rather than Fraser.  I believe this entry is correct (Patricks occupation, Elizabeths bithplace) but it has left me with a little quandry.

The only prevous 1891 census entry I had for a Mary Jane Fraser (born 1869)(my possible grandmother) was as an inmate at the London County Lunatic Asylum Coulsden.  I was hoping that she was in fact with her father and this was some other Mary Jane, however this does not appear to be case.

I have not found a Mary Jane Fraser on the 1901 census and have not found a possible Mary Jane death (using wildcards) between 1891 and 1901, so did she in fact leave the institution and marry my grandfather?

I have no knowledge of these institutions, did people actually leave such places recovered?  Mary Jane married my grandfather in 1895 had seven children and died in 1953 aged 84.

Any views?



Hi Valda

Have sent for birth and marriage certificates. 

Using the wildcard for spelling variations I have also found Patrick and his wife Elizabeth on the 1891 Census.  Their name was transcribed as "France". 

I also think that I misread the informant on my g grandmothers death. I think it is B Wright (Bridget) and not B Knight.  I have found a marriage for about the right time "1873 St Saviour" between a William Wright and a Bridget Fryer.  I am following this line of thought.

I also believe that I have found Mary Frahor (Frazer).  You gave a possible marriage for Mary to a Thomas Rowland.  Wizzing around the net I came across the birth of a Elizabeth Rowland in 1878 at "37 Gravel Lane".  To much of a coincidence, I followed it through and found that the mother of Elizabeth Rowland was a Mary Fraser.  I am waiting the provider of that information to contact me.

This site is terrific.  On Monday I knew very very little about my grandmothers side of the family and from one posting I have unearthed a treasure.

Thank you Valda and Meliora for opening this up for me.

Best regards and best wishes.



This is incredible!  How did you get to this!  Its seems obviously correct.  I need the certificates to confirm but am convinced right now.

How can I thank you.  I am at a loss for words, I hope you understand what this means to me - sorry to be over the top but am so thrilled.  Will keep you informed.

Regards and lots of love


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