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Warwickshire Lookup Requests / Re: 1841 Census look up please - TUDGE
« on: Wednesday 04 November 09 13:33 GMT (UK)  »
Hello Ann W

I have been tracing the Plumpton line. I believe that Diana Plumpton  had Joseph Plumpton rechristened in Birmingham. I have actually seen this before in the Lancashire area.
Also on the IGI Diana appears as Shaso. However on the London Parish Records (Marriage 1817 )it is Shaw.
 Other children born to her and Samuel are John 1818, Samuel 1820, James 1821. None of these children appear in the 1841 census with her. Nor does her 2nd husband ? Tudge.

The name Tudge as been transcribed as Fodge for the ancestry 1841 Census: HO107; Piece 1145; Book: 8; Civil Parish: Birmingham; County: Warwickshire; Enumeration District: 24; Folio: 11; Page: 15; Line: 25; GSU roll: 464181.

I have also been unable to find a certain death for Samuel Plumpton. Or a Marriage record of a Dinah/Diana Shaw or Plumpton to a Tudge.

By 1851 Census Diana is a widow again. She appears in the 1861 Census. and I have a Death Index for Mar 1879.

Hope this is useful if you need anything on Joseph Plumpton let me know.

Lancashire / Re: Free Access to 1911 Census
« on: Monday 07 September 09 11:07 BST (UK)  »
Basically yes. But I imagine they are going to be very very busy

Lancashire / Re: Elizabeth Highfield were you telling lies?
« on: Monday 07 September 09 10:47 BST (UK)  »
Hi Ivan

Yes I had followed that particular family because of the Fustian connection. Infact there was very little Fustian production within Manchester in this period and the name Highfield seems to be predominately from the Cheshire, Staffordshire and Lancashire(Chorley) areas.

I have a strong suspicion the Lymm Elizabeth Highfield is her, but why does she state her father is called Samuel...Did she not know? Is it a middle name?

She is so frustrating and more so because giving the period she was born she shouldn't be that difficult to trace. If I'd have started all this while my nan and her siblings were still alive maybe I would have got something from them about the mysterious Elizabeth Highfield.

Hoping someone can come at this with fresh eyes or come across a Highfield in their searches.

BMD have a few Samuel Highfields who I have been unable to find in the census


Lancashire / Re: Elizabeth Highfield were you telling lies?
« on: Sunday 06 September 09 12:59 BST (UK)  »
Hi Anna

She gives her place of birth as Manchester in the 1911 census and yes her age at the time is consistent with the marriage certificate. There is no occupation given and she shares the address with her husband Thomas Worrall 28 Cowcill St, C-O-M.
(that in itself speaks volumes)

The witnesses were P. Leonard and M. J. Welsh

Actually I haven't looked at who occupied the address in 1901 will do that now. But to add to the confusion I haven't be able to find Thomas Worrall in 1901 either. The only possiblity is one who is living in Liverpool with an uncle by the name of Horton.

However I do know that he served in the Boer War so may have already been in service in 1901(but somehow I doubt it)

The only other possible Elizabeth Highfield brn around this time in the 1901 census is a lodger in the Deansgate area born Lymm Cheshire and I have sent for that birth certificate and her father is not Samuel.

I really do think she told some porkys along the way or as managed to avoid all forms of registeration.


Lancashire / Elizabeth Highfield were you telling lies?
« on: Sunday 06 September 09 11:09 BST (UK)  »
My Great Grandmother is a  Elizabeth Highfield.(1881) Well that is the name she gave on her marriage certificate....I am begining to wonder about that.

She married a Thomas Worrall in Dec 1902 Chorlton

She also claimed she was born in Lancashire and her father was a Samuel Highfield, occupation Fustian Cutter.

I have searched/followed the line of all Elizabeth Highfields and variations of the name anything with an E. born within 20yrs of her claimed birth date. I have also searched and followed all Samuel Highfields (surprisingly it isn't that common a name)

And I have nothing...absolutely nothing after all these years. I can only conclude that somewhere along the way my grt grandmother told a few lies. Possibly about her age, her fathers name, his occupation, where she was born. Or maybe she just didn't know.

I am completely stumped by her...I haven't just hit a brick wall it's fallen on me.

Any help or guidence would be very much appreiciated.


Lancashire / Free Access to 1911 Census
« on: Saturday 05 September 09 21:31 BST (UK)  »
28 July 2009
Thousands of people across England and Wales will soon get the opportunity to delve into their family history online for free..

The seven institutions soon to launch free access to the census records are:

Birmingham Archives & Heritage
Devon Record Office (Exeter)
The National Library of Wales (Aberystwyth)
Manchester Archives and Local Studies and Greater Manchester County Record Office (sharing one institutional account)
Norfolk Record Office
Nottinghamshire Archives
Tyne and Wear Archives

Before planning a trip, visitors are urged to contact the relevant institution to find out the when the service will be available.

Lancashire / Re: Looking for photos of Old Moss Side
« on: Wednesday 12 August 09 15:49 BST (UK)  »
Park St, ran between Renshaw and Higher Cambridge St. If you were coming from the city center it would be the street before Booth St which, along with Cambridge St you will still find on a modern map.

Boundary Lane runs across Park St, in between Renshaw & Cambridge St.

There are lots of pics of Greenheys on the Manchester Images site. However you need to be creative with your search terms.



Unless it is the Park St that ran from Denmark Rd upto Burlington St, Greenheys?

I  don't know how I forgot about this one as I would have used it on my way  to both school (Burlington St) and church (Oxford Rd)

IF it is this one then there are images on that site I think you need to type in Greenheys and go through them all...I will see if I saved the link

Staffordshire / Re: Hi Agen
« on: Tuesday 21 July 09 09:35 BST (UK)  »
Hello Nathan

I realise it was some years back since you made this post, wondering if you are still doing research and how you got on...wish my children were as interested as yourself....Infact wish I was as interested at your age, would have made the search so much easier.


I am assisting a friend with her family history and you seem to have the same names...Donaghy and Heap.

My friend as very little information other than her grandmother was a Dorothy Heap who married into a Donaghy family. Her mother was Christine J Donaghy Both were born in West Bromwich. My research tells me that Dorothy Heap's mother was a Faulkner, possibly Edith as a have a Edith Faulkner marriage to a Walter Heap 1914 West Brom.

Very interested in any information you may be able to provide...Or anyone eles out there following the same lines


Warwickshire Completed Lookup Requests / Re: Thomas Mansell Completed
« on: Saturday 16 May 09 10:22 BST (UK)  »
I have yet to follow up on the Mansell's But following the Plumpton name I have a Harold Plumpton b.1892 Aston, who marries a Dorothy M. Mansell June Q Birmingham 1934.

There is an old thread on this site discussing the same Plumpton family connected to a Tudge family.

Will get back to you when I have chased up Dorothy Mansell only just started.

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