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Ireland / 1861 census name index MARTIN of Liverpool
« on: Saturday 05 February 05 17:04 GMT (UK)  »
Many thanks for your offer re 1861 census index.
I do have access to the 1861 disc's if sending me Folio, page nos etc of any MARTIN entries  from your index list is easier.

This is the family in 1851 census.
Folio 2177. Enum dist 4 page 892
Mull Street, Liverpool.
Michael MARTIN, Head, born abt 1814 (abt 37 yrs) Dundalk,Co Louth, Ireland,
occ Clerk
Mary MARTIN, nee EYRE, wife, born abt 1818(abt 33yrs) Dundalk, Co Louth,
Mary MARTIN, dau, born abt 1839 (abt 12yrs) Castletown Parish, Dundalk, Co
Anne Jane MARTIN, dau, born abt 1842 (abt 9yrs) Castletown Parish, Dundalk,
Co Louth
Matthew MARTIN, son, born abt 1845 (abt 5 yrs) Castletown Parish, Dundalk,
Co Louth
Michael MARTIN, son, born abt 1850, age 1 yr, born Liverpool.
Elizabeth MADDEN, age 19 yrs, dom serv, born Ireland

The family history becomes messy during the next 10 yrs and any of the following could be head of household, independent of each other by 1861.

Michael MARTIN senior, could be on his own by 1861 as he was said by the family to have gone to work one morning and never returned,  date of leaving unknown. He was found on a later census living with Anne Jane and James (born 1857)

Mary MARTIN, wife, could be on her own, she is registered as having a child James Martin in 1857 in Woolton, no fathers name given on the christening register. Woolton is also a few miles from what was the known family home in 1851. She is known to have died 'young' but no confirmation of her death has been found.

Anne Jane MARTIN dau, all though she was the younger of the two daughters, it is known that she brought up Michael junior (born 1850) after the death of their mother.
She is also very closely involved with James who was born in 1857, as can be seen on future census.

Family lore has it that Anne Jane sent Michael out one morning and told him not to come back for tea until he had a job. He
came back for tea, no job but drunk, he argued with Anne Jane, hit her with a smoothing iron and is found in the Main Bridewell, Liverpool on the 1871 census.

As I said earlier, it might be easier to send me a list of the MARTINS!
Leaving me to do the leg work!
It would be such a break through to have the family, even if scattered, in the 1861 census.
I have trawled page by page for months with out success.

Thank you for your generous offer, I understand if this is a little messy to take on board.

With thanks,

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