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Midlothian / Building numbers on Leith Walk, Edinburgh
« on: Saturday 08 January 11 14:30 GMT (UK)  »
I have just downloaded a certificate for a marriage which took place in 1915 in "The Alexandra Cafe, 19 Leith Street, Edinburgh". Putting this address into Google maps brings up an address of 130/19 Leith Walk (I don't understand the numbering there), and the premises still seem to house a cafe. Does anyone know if the numbers on Leith Walk now are the same as they would have been then?

World War One / Military Medal Citations
« on: Tuesday 21 September 10 15:09 BST (UK)  »
My grandfather was awarded the Military Medal at the end of WW1, but none of the family ever knew the reason why it had been awarded. He never said.

I was told a couple of years ago that records of why the MM was awarded did not exist, but I have just been watching Alan Cumming's episode of WDYTYA and he found out how his grandfather's medal had been awarded in WW2.

Did that information come from a Regimental diary? My grandfather also served with the Cameron Highlanders. Do you think if I asked nicely that an expert might meet me in a field in France and explain things?  ;D I'm not famous ...

I would love to find out more about this mystery though.

Canada / COMPLETED:THANKS Woodland Cemetery, London, Ontario
« on: Tuesday 21 September 10 14:53 BST (UK)  »
I have today discovered that one of my relatives died in Ontario Hospital London in 1935 and was buried in Woodland Cemetery. I have virtually no experience with the Canadian records and wondered if anyone knew of a resource where I might be able to find whether there was a headstone or possibly get a photograph.

Any help would be appreciated.

Midlothian / Memorial Inscription mystery in Midlothian
« on: Thursday 05 August 10 10:55 BST (UK)  »
Recently I discovered mention of an ancestor I was researching in a book of memorial inscriptions for Greyfriars Churchyard in Edinburgh. When I visited Greyfriars to photograph the headstone, I discovered that the transcription does not quite match up with the actual headstone text. The transcription makes reference to a daughter Helen, who is not on the headstone. My query is, why would they be different? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

The transcribed entry in the book reads:

Chalmers IZETT esq. Born Edinburgh 12.10.1765 died 17.4.1840, wife Eliza STEWART born Dowally Perthshire 9.6.1774 died Currie 16.10.1842 daughter Helen 11.3.1867, surviving nephews John & Wm Wemyss ANDERSON and only surviving niece Chalmers FORREST; John A. 26.10.1867 69, son John Izett A. died New Zealand 10.10.1866 32.

The headstone itself reads:

In memory of Chalmers Izett Esquire, born in Edinburgh 12th October 1765 who died 17th April 1840. The fruits of his Christian principles were shown in his life of probity, benevolence, and usefulness.

Also in memory of Mrs Eliza Stewart or Izett, his wife, born at Dowally Perthshire 9th June 1774 who died at Currie near Edinburgh 16th October 1842. She endeared herself to all by her Christian love and spent her life in the exercise of piety and charity united to a highly cultivated mind. Both sought in the happiness of others, the chief sources of their own.

Erected in token of reverential and grateful affection by John and William-Wemyss Anderson the surviving nephews and Chalmers Forrest the only surviving niece of Chalmers Izett.

In memory of John Anderson, who died in Edinburgh 26th October 1867 aged 69, and of his son John Izett Anderson, who died in New Zealand 30th October 1866 aged 32.

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Midlothian Burial
« on: Friday 16 July 10 13:41 BST (UK)  »
This is taken from a register of burials in Midlothian in 1791. The line I am interested in reads "Margt Reid sp. to James Izat [     ?     ] 53 yrs inflamation". I am assuming that the text I can't read gives the position of the burial, but I would like others' ideas on exactly what it says if possible.

Lancashire / Cotton St, Ashton under Lyne
« on: Tuesday 30 March 10 15:37 BST (UK)  »
I have just managed to track down the death certificate for my mother's grandfather. At the time he died he had been living with one of his sons at 148 Cotton Street. My mum also stayed with them for a while at the beginning of the war when children were being evactuated from Glasgow.

I would like to know if Cotton Street, and any old building, is still there. I have had a look at Google Maps and can see that today there is a Cotton St East and West. Can anybody here point me in the direction of an old map or historical information for the area? I have found a website with fabulous photos of old cotton mills, but unfortunately I have no idea of what my mum's uncle worked as, or what took him to Ashton under Lyne in the first place.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


Durham Completed Look up Requests / COMPLETED Any local members of NDFHS here?
« on: Saturday 06 March 10 18:51 GMT (UK)  »
I'll tell you why I ask. Some time ago found ancestors of my husband's listed on FindMyPast. This was in their collection of monumental inscriptions for Durham, and had been published in conjunction with the Northumberland and Durham Family History Society.

These ancestors were listed as being in Herrington St Aidan in County Durham, so I duly ordered the booklet that NDFHS produce on "Herrington St Cuthbert and St Aidan". Three weeks later they sent me the wrong book. The one I received was "Herrington Churchyard Monumental Inscriptions", which is separately listed on their website. I emailed the person identified as being in charge of publications on their website to tell them of the situation. When I had received no reply after a month, I wrote a letter. Eventually I phoned. A very nice lady took all the details, but said she would have to pass the note on to someone else, different volunteers in every day etc, etc. I do understand that of course, but I think it is more than four months since I ordered the book - and I still don't have it! I can't even get a response.

I was rather hoping there may be a member here who might be able to find out if this publication actually exists the next time they are in Bolbec Hall.

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Can anyone read this maiden surname?
« on: Monday 01 March 10 14:43 GMT (UK)  »
I am trying to read Mary Paisley's maiden surname. Does anybody have any ideas what it says, please?

Canada / Completed thank you - Ontario marriage records
« on: Tuesday 26 January 10 11:10 GMT (UK)  »
I am trying to find the date of a marriage between Lily Houston and Edward Lyons in Ontario. I believe it was between December 1921 and December 1923. Lily sailed from Scotland at the end of October 1921, so the marriage cannot have been earlier than that. I do not know exactly where they were married, but they settled in Windsor.

The Ontario records are totally new to me and I am becoming bamboozled in trying to read up about them. I am hoping some kind person will point me in the right direction to find this.

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