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Tipperary / Re: John TRACEY, prisoner of war in WW!
« on: Wednesday 07 April 10 19:22 BST (UK)  »

just wondering do you have an approximate date of birth for this man?

I haven't got a lot of information so far for my Treacy family in Tipp but I'm always on the look out! There was a JAMES Treacy in the family who went to England and joined the police force but I'm not sure how accurate it is.

I am bearing that in mind, we are a young looking family. Now that I have finally reached my mid-twenties I am finally being allowed into bars without I.D.!  :P ;D

Lovely Charles! Thanks so much for that!  :)

And thanks Jim for your opinion again. I think I may have to do a little bit more digging to determine which family member he is.

Thanks Jim, it looked like Garda to me.

Thing is I'm wondering if my family have identified him correctly now. If William was born in 1886, and this has to have been after 1922...that would make William at least 34...does he look 34 or older?He seems quite young to me.  ???

Very talented Hippies in here! :D

Thank you, I like the hue of that one

Aww thanks very much hippy! It's funny looking at him, he's so like my uncle!

Any chance anyone might be able to get a better look at the emblem on the hat and jacket?

Ok I'm awful at resizing :( Apologies for the huge photo!

Hi everyone,

this is my great uncle William Duggan. I'm looking to get this photo dated. I think it's a Garda uniform? Or does it pre-date that?

William was born in 1886.

I wouldn't mind a restore if anyone wants the chance :)


Edit : My file is too large! I'll come back with a smaller one

Dublin / Re: Thomas Byrne - Connected to Donnellys of Dublin
« on: Monday 05 April 10 18:45 BST (UK)  »
Email sent.

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