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Dublin / Re: Thoms Lookup please :) Donnelly Shops - Dublin
« on: Saturday 12 September 09 12:51 BST (UK)  »
Thank you for all the effort you're putting in to this! :)

Do you know is there anywhere that might have old photos of Cuffe Street? One of the city libraries maybe? Seeing as it's so close to The Green maybe there's photos of the Green with the corner of Cuffe Street in view?

And that "Coffey" on the side of the building is very interesting, I always thought it was Cuffe

Dublin / Re: Thoms Lookup please :)
« on: Friday 11 September 09 14:06 BST (UK)  »
Oh my goodness that's super Shane, thank you so much for looking that up!

1914 fits perfectly really, seeing as the Photographer in the family was only 18 in 1911 so I figured it couldn't have been much earlier than that.

So it might also explain why Thomas is down as a "Motorman" in 1911, he hasn't opened his shop yet.

Like my own father, he seems to be a jack of all trades. We also have a photo of him with tea-traders that he used to deal with when he apparently(!) was involved with/ran/owned a hotel in Ballsbridge.

Dublin / Re: Thoms Lookup please :)
« on: Friday 11 September 09 01:04 BST (UK)  »
Hey Quaxer,

The picture is very small cause it's the only size I can get on the forum, a clearer one is at the link in my first message.

In the very top left corner it says Cuffe Street. It's at a perpendicular angle to the photographer so it's very hard to see unless you're looking at a decent copy with magnification.
The Shop front in the picture says " Fruiter - Donnelly - Florist ", not "Patrick, and it's fruit that's in the baskets beside the little boy. Notice the bananas hanging in the window? :D

The numbers on the shop front, the one on the right is definitely 26. The one on the left (covered by a plant) is either 25 or 26, we thought it might be 25 because there are two doorways which could have indicated two separate dwellings. But it COULD be 26 as well.

When I searched the Times Online for Donnelly shops in Cuffe Street, it threw up the 25 repeatedly so we thought it a possibility that the shop was passing between family members and their respective trades.

Nothing is certain at this stage and I'm open to all suggestions and corrections though :D

Dublin / Re: Thoms Lookup please :)
« on: Thursday 10 September 09 00:48 BST (UK)  »
Thanks Quaxer, I tried resizing the photo, hopefully this might work, but it's going to be very small I think!

I'm nearly certain that Thomas Donnelly was involved with a/the shop on Cuffe Street at some stage though. We had a family reunion about two years ago and it was held in the hotel on the Corner of Old Cuffe Street because that's where the shop was! So the whole family are convinced of it anyway.

I've found a Patrick Donnelly now in Dublin in 1911 listed as a "Bullock Man"...that could be him! The ads in the Times mention the cattle markets....

Dublin / Re: Thoms Lookup please :)
« on: Thursday 10 September 09 00:11 BST (UK)  »
Ohhh thank you very much! :D

I had a feeling it was a different family member alright. So it was definitely a butcher's at that stage.

Interesting that the photo I have is a Fruiterer/Florist though. You can see in the top left of the photo that it says Cuffe Street, and the numbers on the shop front are 25/26 so I suppose my next job will be to find out when that photo was taken. My great grandfather was a photographer from a young age (at age 18 in 1911 he's listed as one) so maybe he took the photo and this was after 1911 at some stage.

It's still in the Donnelly name at both times though so I'll have to find out who this Patrick fella is.

Dublin / Re: Thoms Lookup please :)
« on: Wednesday 09 September 09 23:15 BST (UK)  »
Thanks for the reply :)

It's actually Donnelly by the way, not Connelly but thank you! :D

Yeah I have them on the census alright, but at that stage they had moved to Pembroke Street and the father is now listed as a "Motorman" (apparently he even drove DeValera around a bit).

I'm not even certain it was the same guy who had the shop though, cause The Motorman's name is Thomas while the Irish Times Ads are listing it as a P. Donnelly, which maybe could be a brother or something?? You know how family rumours can get around like Chinese Whispers over the years :D That's why I kinda wanted to know what the Thoms said. The last known record I have of the shop owned by the Donnellys is in 1895, an ad for meat for Christmas.

Hopefully in a few months the 1901 census might shed some more light on the situation. In the meantime, I just thought someone might be able to check the Thoms out for me. Very busy at work lately and can't find the time to go to Pearse St Library yet :(

Dublin / Thoms Lookup please :) Donnelly Shops - Dublin
« on: Wednesday 09 September 09 22:15 BST (UK)  »
If anyone has access to a Thoms from this range of years, 1889 - 1895, could you please check out 25/26 Cuffe Street in Dublin?

There SHOULD be a Donnelly family there, and they should be running a shop which could be a Fruiterer and Florist or a butchers, but if someone could verify it that would be great. I'm not sure if it will be a P. Donnelly or a T. Donnelly, again another uncertainty.

If anyone has Thoms from the years closely before and after my range would they be able to check them out too and see if the shop or the family are still there? I'm fairly sure about the 1889- 1895 because I have copies of advertisements from the Irish Times. However, it states that they are meat Traders. The photo I have clearly says that the shop is a Fruiterer and Florist so I'm a bit confused. I know their very close family friend was a butcher, and even lived with them for a time so maybe they joined forces at some stage?...

Thank you :)

The photo is at this link ( Don't worry, it's nothing bad, it just sends you to where I'm hosting the photo cause it's too big for this site apparently)

Dublin / Re: Custom House Burning / John Wilson
« on: Sunday 06 September 09 23:10 BST (UK)  »
My great grandfather apparently supplied the petrol/fuel that helped burn it down!  :P

My gran even had the receipt! But she can't find it at the moment, she says it's "somewhere" in the house  :(

Dublin / Re: PART 2 - Would you care to solve a Dublin mystery???
« on: Thursday 03 September 09 03:51 BST (UK)  »
This might be a long shot but have you tried the Irish Times Digital Archive online?

I paid about 25 euro to access it for a week and it was absolutely painstaking trawling through all the documents but I found advertisements for my ancestors shop on Cuffe St in Dublin, was super to look at.

I also found articles relating to a tram accident that my g-grandfather had taken a photo of in the very early 1900's but we never knew when or where it was til a few months ago.

And I found articles relating to a claim another g-grandfather put in for an accident with a train in 1899, oh and some other relatives were in court in Co. Tipperary for cattle rustling from some rich guy's land  ::) Oh the shame  :P

But anyways, I think it might be well worth checking out. You can pay to access it for as short a time as a day but to be honest I nearly needed the full week to give it a proper search.

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