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Kent Completed Lookup Requests / Marriage look up
« on: Saturday 26 February 05 17:51 GMT (UK)  »
I think that my husband's grandfather William Jackson was married in Gravesend in 1884.  I have a reference for the June qtr, 2a 761.  The bride may have been Julia but I don't have a surname.  Is there someone who may be able to check that before I send off for the certificate please?

If this is correct then she died in India in 1887, four years before Wm married his second wife, Bob's grandmother.


Armed Forces / Indian Army
« on: Wednesday 23 February 05 21:21 GMT (UK)  »
My husband's uncle was an officer in the Indian Army, we think at the end of WW1 and into WW2.  We have photos which say that he was in the Punjabis but do not know how to further our research.

Please can anyone help

Many thanks


The Common Room / Re: Royal Artillary in New Zealand??
« on: Saturday 19 February 05 12:06 GMT (UK)  »
Since last post I have discovered that there is a Wellington in India which makes more sense.


The Common Room / Royal Artillary in New Zealand??
« on: Saturday 19 February 05 11:10 GMT (UK)  »
I have just discovered that my husband's maternal grandparents married overseas in 1891.  Their place of marriage was Wellington (country unknown but could be NZ).  I know that the bride's father was in the RA at the time of her birth.

Does anyone know how I could find out in advance of the certificate arriving?  I would also like to try and discover what they may have been doing in 1891 (in NZ?) besides getting married!

In hope

Ireland / Belfast records Look up?
« on: Sunday 13 February 05 17:27 GMT (UK)  »
It is thought that my husband's grandparents died in Belfast during WW2. Their address was 8 Orient Gardens.  Names Robert and Frances McConnell.  Her maiden name was Brooks. 

I know that my father in law was born in Dublin in 1896 - he had two brothers one older, Samuel Britton McC, and one younger, James Kerr McC.  The family came from Muff in  Co Donegal but ended up in Belfast.

I have no idea of their birth or marriage dates or places.  A death date would be very helpful.

Can anyone help look up things locally please? - I would be most grateful. Thanks


Warwickshire / Re: courts in hampton in arden
« on: Thursday 10 February 05 22:48 GMT (UK)  »
There are several branches of the Court family in Warwickshire.  My father comes from Stratford on Avon where I know there are seemingly unconnected branches.  I suspect that if one were able to go back far enough there may be some connection.
There is a Court Family History Society which may be of interest to you

Good luck


Dublin / Mount Joy Prison
« on: Wednesday 02 February 05 22:24 GMT (UK)  »
My husband's grandfather, Robert McConnell, was a warden at Mount Joy at the time of my father in law's birth in 1896.  We have some info from the National Archive in Dublin which refers to corresondence in 1896 and 1897.  He is described as a Trade Warder.  Does anyone know if this is the same as a trade union official/shop steward?

We were told by the archivist that the correspondence was inaccessible at that time. 

Please is there any info or anyone who may be able to look anything up ?

Many thanks


Ireland / Advice please on Irish search
« on: Wednesday 05 January 05 23:06 GMT (UK)  »
I am trying to trace my husband's family - McConnell.  They came from Muff in Co Donegal, However my father in law was born in Dublin in 1896.  I have his birth certificate but am not sure how to progress as I can't find out when the family moved north.  Can anyone help or advise me please



Staffordshire / Re: Names interest in Audley, Knutton, Tunstall, Wolstanton areas
« on: Tuesday 04 January 05 22:21 GMT (UK)  »
My great grandfather was Alfred Wright, born in Silverdale in1864 and died in Alsager, cheshire in 1925.  He was a railway engine driver.  He was married to Eliza Barker and they had 8 children.  I know very little more about him but quite a bit about my grandmother who was the eldest daughter, and her siblings.

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