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Email the cemetery and ask if there is another burial in this plot....and anything in their records about this burial  eg. contact for account....who there a headstone....any note of LAMERTO name....

Daisy Veronica ROBERTS   (date of death) N/A  (date of burial) 07/03/1939
ADDD - Anglican FM DDD, ADDD - Anglican FM DDD, Position 0451

New Zealand / Re: John (Jack) Turner on West Coast c1905-1913
« on: Friday 16 October 20 04:49 BST (UK)  »

At reply #47

"...John Richard Turner worked (and died) at sea"

Where and when did John Richard TURNER die?

Australia / Re: Charles William Greenwood, married Johanna "Annie" O'Brien
« on: Thursday 15 October 20 09:03 BST (UK)  »

The marriage certificate will be a good source of information in your research.  We need to use all the information.

Can you please list all the information on the certificate.....names, dates, occupations, ages, place names, church, witnesses.....everything please.


"..Owen Ronald Roberts in June 1918."

What happened to Owen....I am not seeing him...electoral rolls....BDM WA....WW2......?


BDM has one death record for Daisy Veronica / Peggy. You can see it as two entries on the index to show you, the researcher, that Daisy uses two family names.  But there is only one document....the one that you have.


The Daily News (Perth)  6 Jan 1925   p7
...funeral David James SKETCHLEY.....mourners Mrs A SKETCHLEY (widow)...J D SKETCHLEY (son)....
Mrs D ROBERTS...Mrs S REYNOLDS....Miss Lilly SKETCHLEY (daughters).....

Daisy is in Perth, and with the SKETCHLEY family at 1925.

Daisy Veronica ROBERTS  buried   7/03/1939   
ADDD - Anglican FM DDD, ADDD - Anglican FM DDD, Position 0451

You should contact the cemetery to see if there are other burials in this plot.

From the death certificate....can you please list all the information. It would be useful to see what else the informant knew.  Can you be sure to indicate if some headings are left blank.....shown as a dash...."unknown" is written.

How long had Daisy been in hospital / under treatment etc?

What is on the death certificate that enables you to identify these two events to be for the same woman?

WA BDM marriage
ROBERTS   Owen   marr.     SKETCHLEY   Daisy   Perth   449   1917

NSW BDM death
853/1939   LAMERTO Peggy   parents James David / Annie    @ Redfern

How did this death attract your interest?

"..The next record I can find of Daisy is in the Aust. Electoral Rolls in Sydney in 1936 & 1937."
What name are you seeing on the electoral roll?

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