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"..James was naturalised in the Superior Court, New York County, on 29 Sep 1892, with Bridget as witness"

One witness only?....and named Bridget DOYLE......wife...the word wife is recorded?

Where do you see James DOYLE in the 1890 Census?

"... Bridget, perhaps also called Bessie"   What does this mean...where do you see Bessie DOYLE?

Is there a reason for Bridget and children staying in Ireland after James left.....caring for aged parents etc?

Tipperary / Re: Patrick O'Donnell m Mary Ryan
« on: Yesterday at 12:35 »

You can see the file -

At this site -

At top left hand...Searching......
drop down within a Series
For ........VPRS......write .....4527.......       
For words.....write....ODONNELL......

Finds........ODonnell, Joseph [Reg. no. 12659]
                ODonnell, Michael William [Reg. no. 12660]
Link to file is below the name........ PDF       

Tipperary / Re: Patrick O'Donnell m Mary Ryan
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Mount Alexander Mail 23 Jul 1881 p2
Neglected Children. — Michael William O'DONNELL (5 1/4 years), Joseph O'DONNELL(II years), and Margaret O'Donnell (7 years), all neglected children...........


Charles TINK died 1834.........when was the Will written?

When the Will was written his sister, Mary Ann, is described as wife of William William is alive when the Will was written.

And Mary Ann is described as ....sister?

What did Mary Ann receive from the estate of Charles TINK?

Who are the other Mary Ann favoured more generously than other beneficiaries......might suggest her greater need?

What address do you have for Charles TINK.......and the address where he died?

using Ancestry London Electors Registers 1832 - 1965
....I do not see William  or Mary Ann KITTO (sounds like)  1840 +/-  10 years.

Australia Lookups completed / Re: Help in NSW please
« on: Sunday 29 November 20 08:39 GMT (UK)  »

Sydney Morning Herald 14 Jun 1881 p10
.....HONORA MULQUEENY........ residence of her son, No. 24, Little Arthur-street, Surry Hills,
.....Mr. DENNIS MULQUEENY......beloved MOTHER
.....Mrs. ARNOLD....... beloved MOTHER
.... Mr. JAMES HOWARD....MOTHER-IN-LAW, Mrs. Honoria Mulqueeney

Petersham Catholic Cemetery

Sydney Morning Herald 4 Sep 1911 p7
MULQUEENY.—The Friends of Mr. DENIS MULQUEENY.......wife leave 47 Bucknell street Newtown
Catholic Rookwood....

Sydney Morning Herald 3 Sep 1912 p8      In Mem. Bridget  died 1911
MULQUEENEY -In sad but loving memory of my dear wife and mother, Bridget MULQUEENEY, who died September 3rd, 1911, aged 66 years.....husband, Dennis, and children Katie and Frederick.

.....daughter and son in law, Norah and Frederick SWANSBOROUGH...... Dorothy, Violet, and Edna

.... son Jack MULQUEENEY, 37 Buckland street Newtown

Tipperary / Re: Patrick O'Donnell m Mary Ryan
« on: Sunday 29 November 20 08:03 GMT (UK)  »

Where and when was Mary Kathleen born?
"...his maternal grandmother, Mary Kathleen O'Donnell.."

Where did they arrive in Australia and what ship?
"...Patrick O'Donnell......married Mary Ryan in Kilfeacle, Tipperary who came to Australia in 1865." 

What certificates do you have for BDM events in the life of the people you have named here?

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Re: What occupation is this?
« on: Thursday 26 November 20 23:03 GMT (UK)  »

Furrier (apprentice)

The Common Room / Re: Totally stuck! William Fallows and Phoebe Green
« on: Thursday 26 November 20 21:22 GMT (UK)  »

Can you describe the family you are seeing in 1861......names, ages, location....
"...In 1861 he is with wife Phoebe, and a lot of assorted family, in Ashton"

Can you describe the family you are seeing in 1871......names, ages, location....

"...1871 he's with Phoebe, who seems to have added a few years to her age, and another Phoebe, a grandaughter, in Dukinfield, Manchester"

The Common Room / Re: Totally stuck! William Fallows and Phoebe Green
« on: Thursday 26 November 20 20:30 GMT (UK)  »
Lancashire Parish Online Project +/-   5 YEARS

St Mary, Oldham, Lancashire, England
1 Sep 1834
William HARDACRE - Joiner, Oldham
Betty FALLOWS - (X), Spinster, Oldham
Witness: Abram JACKSON; Edward TRAVIS

15 Sep 1839
James STANSFIELD - (X), full, Engineer, Bachelor, Oldham
Hannah FALLOWS - (X), full, Spinster, Oldham
Groom's Father: Charles STANSFIELD
Witness: Abram. JACKSON; John JACKSON
Married by  W. COCKCROFT Offg. Mins.

17 Mar 1839
William FALLOWS - full, Spinner, Bachelor, Oldham
Phebe GREEN - (X), full, Widow, Oldham
Bride's Father: George TAYLOR
Witness: Abram. JACKSON; James HAUGHTON
Married by  J. FALLOWFIELD

27 Jun 1842
Thomas TAYLOR - (X), full, Twister, Widower, Becket Meadow
Mary FALLOWS - (X), full, Spinster, Glodwick
Groom's Father: Thomas TAYLOR
Bride's Father: James FALLOWS
Witness: Abram JACKSON; Ralph JACKSON
Married by Thomas LOWE

27 Oct 1844
Joseph BIRD - (X), Full, Labourer, Bachelor, Glodwick
Mary FALLOWS - (X), Full, Spinster, Glodwick
Groom's Father: John BIRD, Labourer
Bride's Father: John FALLOWS, Farmer
Witness: Abram. JACKSON; John JACKSON
Married by Daniel WALLER Curate

Baptisms   FALLOWS William / Phoebe

12 Dec 1841 St Michael and All Angels, Ashton under Lyne, Lancashire, England
James FALLOWS - [Child] of William Fallows & Phoebe
Abode: Town      Occupation: Grinder      Baptised by: C. J. QUIRK

8 Jan 1843 St Michael and All Angels, Ashton under Lyne, Lancashire, England
Henry FALLOWS - [Child] of William Fallows & Phobe
Abode: Town      Occupation: Grinder     Baptised by: J. HANDFORTH, Curate

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