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Australia / Re: Gloucester John OAKLEY bc1820 to Tassie and Lancefield.
« on: Sunday 01 November 20 01:50 GMT (UK)  »

Orphanage admission records.

Applicant:  Jane A'HONG.....res. Launceston.....20 Jan 1862
A'HONG Walter   20 Sep 1857
A'HONG Abbey    3 years 8 months    both baptised by Father BUTLER

(my note....A'HONG is crossed out and replaced with OAKLEY)

Religion Roman Catholic

Father: John OAKLEY....res: not known......religion Protestant......26603
Ship to the Colony:  Lady

Mother:Jane HAMILTON.....res: Launceston   
Arrival:   "Northumberland"  about 1854 to employment

This womans husband is not to be found and the father of the children (OAKLEY) is not in the colony and no one knows where he is. The woman states that she has had no recourse but to keep these children by prostituting herself.  She has another infant of twelve months old named Catherine the paternity of which she cannot vouch for.

This applicant for the admission of *** children named therein of whom I am the mother is made with my sanction and at my request.      Jane OHONG

Walter and Abby released to their father, 26 Jun 1862

TAS BDM        marriage
23 Jan 1856 Independent Chapel Launceston
AHONG John watchmaker
HAMILTON Jane                      both adult....both sign.....


The Common Room / Re: Clara BEAUCHAMP/BEECHAM and George William AUSTIN
« on: Saturday 31 October 20 02:30 GMT (UK)  »

Can you please list all the information on this document....everything please -
2738/1870  AUSTIN George B L   parents  George W / Clara   @ Sydney

Can you please list all the information on this document....everything please -
18811/1873 AUSTIN Florence Emily parents  George William / Clara   @ Hill End

You need to account for each heading for which information is asked, so if there is a .....dash.....blank......."not known"...please indicate that in each case.

The Common Room / Re: Where can I post this
« on: Friday 30 October 20 22:05 GMT (UK)  »
Ancestry Census records

Census USA 1900  Oakwood St Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
WRIGHT       Joseph       b. Oct 1851  contractor    b. England
WRIGHT       Martha       b. Oct 1851       England
WRIGHT       Albert         b. Dec 1876      England
WRIGHT      Joseph         b. Dec 1878      England
WRIGHT      Charles        b. Jan 1885       England
WRIGHT      Sadie           b. Jun 1880       England           
WRIGHT       Stanley      b. Mar 1890       Pennsylvania
WRIGHT       James        b. Jan 1895       Pennsylvania

for all eight named.....both parents born England
immigration year 1887....Joseph naturalised
years married....33
children born....15.. ..............children living.....6

There are 6 children named here. You have Elizabeth marrying?
If daughter Elizabeth is alive at the time of this census, you might wonder if Joseph and Martha have interpreted the question to be children living......with them?
So not necessarily 9 children deceased at 1900?

Glamorganshire / Re: Mary ? - married to a Joseph Slee
« on: Friday 30 October 20 02:31 GMT (UK)  »

"...Now I have Caroline. Hew two marriages and death in 1885 Cardiff, Glamorganshire."

Can you give more information please.   When / where / who...for the two marriages.

What children does Caroline have.....when / where / names please.

Can you list the information on the two certificates. How does Caroline name her father.

Mayo / Re: Higgins - Cloonfinnaun
« on: Friday 30 October 20 02:06 GMT (UK)  »

Mary Delia TOWNLEY d. 1928, husband George died one week later.

What was cause of death for Mary and George?

Who raised the children of Mary and George?.

Did George TOWNEY, widower at marriage 1912, have children by the earlier marriage?

Australia / Re: Howatson Tasmania
« on: Wednesday 28 October 20 00:43 GMT (UK)  »

There does not seem to be a lot of HOWATSONs around in Tasmania.

If you need assistance with your research you could give the information that you already have, and identify what information you are now wanting.

The Common Room / Re: Born at sea?
« on: Wednesday 28 October 20 00:22 GMT (UK)  »

Have you located a military record for Richard DANIELS, soldier, to see where and when he served overseas.

Lancashire Lookup Requests / Re: Marriage of John Bolton and Mary Ann Green 1911
« on: Tuesday 27 October 20 07:18 GMT (UK)  »
Further to reply#12....if you need to account for GREEN siblings  ie Sarah....

SepQ 1903 Chorley Vol 8e page 976
GREEN Sarah    marr.     ROBINSON Robert Blackledge

Electoral Roll NSW 1930          (Ancestry)
ROBINSON Robert Blackledge               Hassans Walls Rd Lithgow
ROBINSON Sarah                                Hassans Walls Rd Lithgow

NSW BDM death
20990/1935 ROBINSON Sarah                  parents William / Elizabeth   @ Bulli
13073/1953 ROBINSON Robert Blachledge parents James / Elizabeth   @ Lismore

Northern Star 4 Jun 1953 p7
The death occurred at his home at 12 Cathcart Street, Lismore, early yesterday morning
of Mr. Robert Blackledge ROBINSON, aged 77 years who had been residing there for the past
seven years with his daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest ADAMS.

Mr. ROBINSON was born in Lancashire, England. He served with the British Imperial Army in World War I and shortly after the armistice made his home in Australia

In addition to Mrs ADAMS, a son, Mr. Arthur ROBINSON, lives at Wollongong, and a daughter, Mrs. T. BEVERIDGE  at Thirroul. .....burial at Bulli.

England / Re: Marriage Record Clara BEAUCHAMP and George William AUSTIN
« on: Monday 26 October 20 22:52 GMT (UK)  »

This birth certificate would be useful for you. It will record age, birthplace for parents....and marriage.

NSW BDM birth
2738/1870 AUSTIN  George B L     parents George W / Clare   @  Sydney

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