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Armagh / Where to get grandfather's birth cert
« on: Monday 01 March 10 22:26 GMT (UK)  »
I'm just starting to research my Irish line. My grandfather was born in Co. Armagh 1923.  I'm a bit confused where to even start for info in Northern Ireland. I know about the LDS pilot site but I can't find anything (seems to be only ROI or pre-1920).
Is there an online database available for Northern Ireland ?

Yorkshire (West Riding) / Where in Bradford?
« on: Tuesday 09 February 10 22:13 GMT (UK)  »

I've just got the birth cert of my grandmother who was born in Bradford in 1925. I'm curious about the addresses on the cert.

The first is the address given by her father:  Joseph Street (that's the address, not his name  :))  A search on Google Earth shows two such streets. Can I assume it would be the one nearest the city centre? It looks like some kind of industrial estate now, but maybe it was was housing in the 1920s.

The other address is where she was born: 7, Horton Lane. Would this be Little Horton Lane? Also, could number 7 possibly be what is now the St Lukes hospital but which I believe was once the city workhouse? My grandmother was always very secretive about her childhood. We are wondering if she may have been born there.

Hertfordshire / Torworth House, Borehamwood
« on: Thursday 04 February 10 20:08 GMT (UK)  »
I've recently acquired the death certificate of my estranged  grandfather (last seen by any of the family in the late 70s). He died in 1990 and at the time was living at Torworth House, Torworth Road, Borehamwood.
I'm just trying to find out a bit more about his circumstances at the time.

Is this an old people's home? I've found a Torworth House online  that does seem to be some kind of care facility but the address is Allerton Road.

Do any locals know anything about this place?
Thanks in advance.

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / What job? COMPLETED
« on: Tuesday 02 February 10 20:49 GMT (UK)  »
Can anybody decipher this chap's job?   " .....  workman "

It's from my great-grandfather's marriage cert (1917).   If it's any help - before and after WW1 he was working in a colliery.

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