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Roxburghshire / Isabella Scott
« on: Sunday 17 February 19 13:06 GMT (UK)  »
Good Afternoon,

Would someone be able to tell me what is written between Isabella Scott and Deceased please.

Many Thanks

Roxburghshire / 1821 and 1831 Head of Households Jedburgh
« on: Friday 15 February 19 11:01 GMT (UK)  »
Good Morning Everyone

Would anyone know if there is a record of the above please.

Looking for Archibald Elliot Wright/ Joiner / Cabinet Maker.

Many Thanks


Northumberland / Robert Burn - Surgeon - Belford
« on: Monday 28 January 19 20:21 GMT (UK)  »
Good Evening

I am hoping someone may be able to help with information regarding Robert Burn born 1783 Minto. In his fathers will 1828 it was stated that Robert was a Surgeon in Belford.


Roxburghshire / Anna M Burn born 1778 Minto married Archibald Elliot
« on: Monday 28 January 19 16:41 GMT (UK)  »
Good Afternoon Everyone

I am trying to find out marriage date and death dates for the above please.

I have Anna as the daughter of the Rev William Burn, she married Archibald and had 8 children :-
Archibald, Alexander, Margaret, Thomas, William, John, Martha and James.

In the 1851 Census she is a widow and living in Jedburgh aged 68 living in Castle Street.

I just do not seem to find any date of her death or that of Archibald.

Many Thanks for any help


Perthshire / 1760 Dowally Baptism and a telling off ?
« on: Tuesday 11 September 18 20:42 BST (UK)  »
Good Evening Everyone

I have a Baptism and what appears to be a marriage recorded at the same time with what appears to be a telling off, would this have been a normal thing in 1760 ? in the Parish of Dowally, but James and Margaret were wed 2 months previous in Dunkeld.

Roll of Baptisms Dowally 22nd June 1760
Baptised to James Campbell and to his lawful (s/wife)? Margt McLaughlan in Balna Beggan a child in
? ? ? fornication and called James and was ? ? ? rebuked and absolved for his sin of ? ? ? fornication.


Perthshire / Help please with transcription
« on: Monday 10 September 18 14:59 BST (UK)  »
Good Afternoon

Could someone please help with the wording on this Birth in Little Dunkeld.

James Campbell in ?????? had a lawful son born 21 & baptised this day named James.


Lincolnshire / William & Frances Elvin 1881 Census - Help
« on: Wednesday 08 August 18 14:34 BST (UK)  »
Good Afternoon

I am looking for William and Frances Elvin, but cannot find them in 1881 Census

William is aged 35 b Reston married
Frances is aged 35 b Louth they have the following children
Jane N 14, Sarah 12, James 7 and found in Grimsby.

William is deceased
Frances aged 54 Head and there is a child called Emma b Grimsby aged 16 again found in Grimsby.

Can anyone find them in 1881 - all help appreciated.

Roxburghshire / George Robertson Jedburgh 1796 - 1878
« on: Friday 02 March 18 16:04 GMT (UK)  »
Good Afternoon Everyone

George Robertson b 1796 Hawick married Isabella Scott and had 5 children
William b 1838 Jedburgh
James b 1841 Jedburgh who then married Mary Robison 1861 Jedburgh
George b 1842 Jedburgh
Margaret b 1845 Jedburgh who I believe married Peter Geggie
Jessie b 1847 Jedburgh who I believe married William Wood

George then married Isabella Wood in 1856 Jedburgh and they had 3 children
Robert b 1858 Jedburgh
Mary b 1859 Jedburgh
John b 1861 Jedburgh

I have found them on the 1851 and 1861 census, but I cannot find them in 1871.
George I believe dies in 1878 Jedburgh.
George's occupation is given in one form or another as being a Court Sheriff / Messenger at arms.

If anyone can help fill in the missing pieces, 1871 census, marriage to Isabella Scott and when Isabella Scott dies I would be most grateful.

Thank you in advance

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Help please with Ferguson names
« on: Wednesday 29 November 17 14:03 GMT (UK)  »
Good Morning

Could I please have help deciphering the names on the attachment.


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