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Think I've a very distant and loose connection by marriage with Seth Rimmer of Southport, off hand via one of his siblings? Seem to recall there were loads of them.
Haven't seen many images of victorian / edwardian ladies with proven short hair - sometimes it's so tightly pinned back that it can look that way, and if it's springy and wavy it can look even more that way - but why ever not have it cut short if she wanted?
Unlikely it'd be a requirement of hygiene, a cap would attend to that. Recovery from previous illness may be a possibility - but if the lady in question was worried about that, she'd probably wait to have her portrait taken until it was possible to style it in a more usual way.
Perhaps she had an another occupation ( bathing machine attendant? - although that'd be a long trek at Southport!) that made short hair helpful and practical. Didn't she spend some time as a baker? - hot and sweaty job)

The Lighter Side / Re: Mass Observation Diary 12/5/2019
« on: Tuesday 14 May 19 15:24 BST (UK)  »
No, mine was - if anything - more boring than usual!

The Lighter Side / Re: Mass Observation Diary 12/5/2019
« on: Monday 13 May 19 16:50 BST (UK)  »
Managed to get round to sending my offering off today - started it yesterday, but finished it this morning....

The Lighter Side / Re: Mass Observation Diary 12/5/2019
« on: Friday 10 May 19 14:39 BST (UK)  »
Must check out exactly what I've to do for it.... forgotten!

FH Documents and Artefacts / Re: Packets of old negatives
« on: Wednesday 08 May 19 16:30 BST (UK)  »
Jessops, or any independent camera shop may well be able to assist you at a more reasonable cost. I scanned what felt like hundreds of negatives for a friend ages back, it was very tedious, but they were pleased.

The Common Room / Re: Adding spouses to trees on Ancestry
« on: Tuesday 07 May 19 16:07 BST (UK)  »
I'd a feeling that both spouses would be entered, especially if there were children, and if the marriage /death dates were in? I'm sure that's how Ancestry has a couple on mine .... I'll have to log in and have a look....

The Lighter Side / Re: A House Through Time - Newcastle
« on: Tuesday 07 May 19 15:56 BST (UK)  »
Possibly Didsbury area? Lot of scope there.

Thank you. I never knew that. (Filed)

Good luck. Do let us all know if you ever pin her down.

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