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Lancashire / Southport (North Meols) Family History forum??
« on: Monday 25 September 17 15:53 BST (UK)  »
Despite having used the above site for years, I can't seem to find it at all - it's a small but very good and helpful site, and I pop in to their forum every so often, as it has a lot of my ancestors in the area - and I can't seem to find it? There seems to be some sort of Facebook link, but I don't "do" Facebook, and can't seem to find anything else. Any ideas, please?

In 1901 in Manchester (Ed 52, piece 3699, folio 69, page 13, Schedule 64 Ancestry Scan) I simply cannot decipher the occupations of William Kay, the Head of the Household, or his elder daughter Elizabeth (younger daughter Agnes appears to have the same occupation as Elizabeth).
I cannot work it out at all, please, if anyone would like to have a look - I can't manage to produce an image of it for putting on here - I would be very grateful.

After having thought for ages that the Al(l)ison ( Also known as "Alice") Downie, who was born to James Downie and Elizabeth Bowie 10th May 1859 in Linlithgow had married an Andrew Lockhart and lived in Edinburgh, I've checked her out - and now don't think she's the right one.
Through at least 3 Scottish censuses the Mrs Alison LOCKHART, with husband Andrew gives her birthdate as 1854/5, and birthplace as Edinburgh. Those are not 1859 or Linlithgow.

I'd hoped to find the right one in 1901 or 1911 in the Edinburgh area possibly with her children and even possibly mother Elizabeth, but seem to have been unable to find any Al(l)ison to fit. I know in 1881 she was in Lancashire, England, with her married sister, but understood she had returned to Scotland and married.
I can't seem to find a likely spouse, nor can I (understandably if she married) seem to find a death record for the lady concerned. Can anyone help, perhaps?

Browsing around in the family of William Hindson b 1808ish, Culgaith, a carpenter, as were most of his sons, and his wife Mary (Bullas?) and their children, I'd be interested to try and find the parent of their grandchild, also William Hindson, born 1869 Dufton, Westmorland. He was with them in both 1871 and 1881, and I suspect he died in Dufton in 1890.
The mother would probably be either Jane b 1832, the eldest daughter, or Mary Ann, b 1838, who much later, in 1880 married a William Hope, or Ann b 1841.
An earlier Ann b 1834 died shortly after birth, so it's not her.
I know I could send for the birth certificate, but it's a very distant relation, via marriage, and I wonder if anyone could point me in the direction of parish baptism records round that time, for Dufton/Appleby, where I might chance on it, as that would probably answer my fairly idle curiousity about this very distant relative?
Thanks for reading this, and for any help of course.

Family History Beginners Board / "Coroner's Order"?
« on: Thursday 30 March 17 18:24 BST (UK)  »
In the burial record of Andrew Cummings of 63 Granville Road, Seaforth, buried 11th April 1908, aged 81, at Walton Park Cemetery there's a note that says "Coroner's order" - I've not seen that before, does it mean that it was an unexpected death, that there was a post-mortem, or what? Does anyone know more about this term, please?

Yorkshire (West Riding) / Matthew Green born Glusburn Yorks, about 1810 - 1812?
« on: Tuesday 14 March 17 17:24 GMT (UK)  »
There's a chap who appears, living with a female I've been following through the censuses, he's a Matthew Green, who consistently in the1851, 1861 and 1871 censuses gives his place of origin as Glusburn, Yorks - between Colne (Lancs) and Keighley (West Yorks), and his birthdate appears as 1810 and 1811. (Ages 41 /40 /60). Fairly consistent in that.
I suspect he may have been married before his first appearance in Burnley area in 1851 ( and probably continued to be married even if not together with his wife - divorce was expensive and difficult in those days). I'm pretty sure he died in 1877 in Burnley Lancs, area, where he'd lived for those years - but I can't seem to find him in 1841, or in any Glusburn records I've been able to access via "Ancestry" - which is also playing up at present, making it a bit more difficult.
He was a weaver in all censuses I've "got" him for.
I suspect non-conformist origin, but I can't expect to find his parentage or early years. I'd like to see him in 1841, though, please, if anyone can help?

Family History Beginners Board / 1871 England Census search on "Ancestry"?
« on: Monday 13 March 17 15:05 GMT (UK)  »
Is anyone else having a problem today trying to search 1871 England census entries on "Ancestry"?
It throws up Wales, Scotland, Isle of Man, and Channel Islands, but not England when I'm searching  under Census> 1871>, for a person I know to have been in the North of England at the time. No response at all. Can't recall that ever happening before....

I've stared at this, and at maps of the area, for a bit, but can't "get it".
In 1851 in Dalton/Barrow area (Ed 39, Sched 53, piece 2275, Folio 209, page 25) I have a mariner's wife, Elizabeth Whitend ( I suspect it should be Whiteside) with her children. She and her two eldest children, Jane and James, are born in Ireland, and I know Jane was baptised in 1838 at Dundalk, Louth Ireland. I simply cannot decipher the birthplace of the younger children Henry, Bridget and Mary A., and I'd be really happy if someone may be able to help me with it.

I've just fallen upon a person I think may be linked to my family, possibly a mother to an Andrew Keating b round about 1860s, she's a Fanny (Frances?), married name Keating, and in 1861 she's living in what seems to be a shared house on Scotland road (Ref: Ed 18, Sched 250, Piece 2651, Fol 236, p 45) - and I can't decipher what it says in the "occupation" column, it looked to me like " Furniture broker - husband at....?" but that doesn't make a lot of sense...
Any ideas very welcome.

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