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Alderney, Guernsey, Jersey, Sark / Masonic School on Jersey?
« on: Sunday 17 November 19 15:32 GMT (UK)  »
Just wondering if there was a boarding, probably, school with masonic connections somewhere on Jersey, as it seems that a sibling of an ancestor of mine, after the death of both his parents left him orphaned at a very young age, in the very early 1920s somehow went from Lancashire to a school on Jersey, most likely as a recipient of Masonic largesse?

Staffordshire / Help with the ancestry of a William Toplis, gilder, born about 1816?
« on: Monday 11 November 19 17:14 GMT (UK)  »
I've found a William Toplis, b Staffordshire about 1816, who by the time he's about 25 pops up as a journeyman gilder in 1841, lodging with a Johnson family.
In later censuses I have him married to an Eliza, born about 1818 Derby area, as a carver and gilder, and he seems to settle in Sheffield Yorkshire for the rest of his life. He has several children, including sons Thomas John, b about 1840, Liverpool, and William Arthur b 1857 Sheffield among them, but I'd really like to try and find where / when he was married - I've had no luck with that so far, to try and establish Eliza's maiden name, and possibly William's parentage, and his father's occupation.
I've had a "William" and a "Robert" suggested, and a mysterious "Percy", possibly a son or brother was also mentioned, but I'm afraid I've no more than that to go on, and little idea where I might look for help, and any guidance would be welcome!

The Common Room / Ancestry - link to Gravestone records
« on: Sunday 04 August 19 17:14 BST (UK)  »
I can't seem to get through the link to the images of gravestones any longer via "Ancestry"? Has anyone else had similar issues?

The Common Room / W D Y T Y A? News of new series
« on: Tuesday 28 May 19 16:31 BST (UK)  »
Apparently later this year there'll be another series, ... but Ronnie Wood won't be on it! If you believe the tales, his "water gypsy" (canal boatmen families) history was too difficult to unravel and present in the time frame!! Bet "Rootschatters" would manage it!

Dumfriesshire / Hunting the correct Thomas Ross of Dumfries
« on: Sunday 12 August 18 15:11 BST (UK)  »
I've encountered a bit of confusion over the years because of a chap called Thomas Ross. I have proved that he was in fact married to Janet McLaughlan ( spellings vary) on 27th March 1846,  and born Dumfries, possibly Applegarth, at some period between 1813 and 1820. He did not marry Jane Affleck!
For some time someone with another Thomas Ross with wife Jane had abducted mine.with his family. This "Other Ross" was born between 1813 and 1820, I think, but in Cheshire, England.
I untangled the two families myself, that didn't please the "someone", who was desperate to get Scottish ancestry - the Cheshire one was concerned with bookbinding, started off in 1841 census in Stockport, and a couple of decades later moved to Burnley in Lancashire. Clear enough, I thought.
"Mine" started off ( I think) in Dumfries area, although I've not yet identified him in 1841, or managed to find which of the many Thomas Ross births/baptisms in the general area may be him) and is an Innkeeper in Dumfries until 1870s, and I believe he died in the 1870s. His daughter, Mary was safely married to Robinson Strong, and in Whitehaven area by 1881, and his widow was still in Dumfries at that census
Given the different birth dates he gave, what would be the most sensible and economic way to narrow down the candidates for his birth and parentage?
(I've given deatils of the "Wrong Rosses" because so often when I'm searching online this lot come up, all tangled with mine)
Advice and / or help sought, please.

London and Middlesex / Scale board Cutter?
« on: Tuesday 13 February 18 15:36 GMT (UK)  »
I've come upon a man, William Clitheroe Moston/Morton/Mostyn, resident in Bethnal green area for quite a bit of his life, who severally describes himself in different censuses as:
1861 - Scale board Cutter
1871 - Scale board cutter
1881 - Scaleboard Maker
1891 - Wood Scale board maker.
He died in 1890s, so there are no later entries, and I've not been able to find censuses listing him with this occupation earlier. One of his sons seems to have gone into the printing industry at one census, but at others is in the same occupation ... but can anyone advise me what exactly they were doing?
I'm intrigued....

London and Middlesex / Moston/ Mostyn / Mistins in 1891
« on: Tuesday 06 February 18 17:09 GMT (UK)  »
I've hunted all over An*****y until I'm very pink in the face, but I simply can't seem to find this family - who I suspect should still be in Clerkenwell or Bethanl Green areas in 1891, anywhere. I can't imagine they were holidaying abroad at the time of the 1891 census!
I'm seeking the family / children especially of: Alfred Charles Moston b circa 1849
                                                                    Alice Emma (Hassell) his wife b c 1852
and children: Alice (1871), Catherine/Katherine (1878), Alfred (1881), and Ethel May (1886)
Has anyone any idea of where they all - or even some of them - may have been in 1891?
I have them safely in 1881 and some in 1901, but simply can't locate them in 1891, and would appreciate help and / or guidance.
Thank you

Lancashire / Kirkham area - "Threlfall" was ... where?
« on: Friday 02 February 18 17:57 GMT (UK)  »
Having recently looked at some maps, and having heard for years that the surname "Threlfall" originated from a small settlement in the Kirkham area of Lancashire, - and that most of that surname can be traced back to there ..... where exactly on a modern map / map reference could I expect it to have been, please? Does anyone have any idea that is beyond the very vague?

The Common Room / "Molly" - what can it be short for?
« on: Friday 22 December 17 16:30 GMT (UK)  »
The name "Molly" has started to plague me. I know I ought to know what it's a pet-name version of, but for the life of me I can't find the information. Suggestions please.... Help!

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