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Armed Forces / Re: Lookup offer for crimea and indian mutiny
« on: Wednesday 15 February 06 00:20 GMT (UK)  »
Kev you are a marvel!  Where did you find him? I have looked on the net for ages and not found anything on James!  Thank you so very much  xx.

If I get the chance to go to Kew will I be able to look up the Medal Rolls and find more information about James? Im quite desperate to know about his service record.

Once again thanks


Armed Forces / Re: Lookup offer for crimea and indian mutiny
« on: Tuesday 14 February 06 23:09 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Kev,

When you have some time I would appreciate anything you find on James Kilroy, 61st Regiment of Foot.
In 1853 James was noted as "Sergeant of the 61st Regiment" in 1853 marriage entry and by 1862 he was "Penshioner of the 61st Regiment" - It's all the info I have currently.

Many Thanks


Perthshire / Re: 1841 census- Abernethy
« on: Saturday 31 December 05 21:10 GMT (UK)  »
Hello Ergo,

I think i am probably a distant cousin and it would be lovely to compare notes so i will send a private message to you.


Perthshire / Re: 1841 census- Abernethy
« on: Monday 12 December 05 21:04 GMT (UK)  »
Hello Ergo,
                 Lovely to hear from you :). Im a direct descendent of Thomas Robertson, one of the siblings of David Robertson, so that would make us distant cousins of some sort.

David Robertson was born on 10 March 1814 in Abernethy Perthshire. This I found this information on a web site which published the Newburgh Congregational Church Parish Records, but I have not found anything on Scotlands People site yet about the birth of David nor of his younger sister Mary.

David married Margaret Fotheringham on 16 December 1846 in Newburgh Fife and they went on to have 5 children that I know about. Here is a list of the children:

1) Janet Robertson b 20/06/1850 Abernethy - Married James Brown (I dont know the date yet) - Janet Died 11/07/1901 and is buried at Abernethy Churchyard with her parents David Robertson and Margaret Robertson nee Fotheringham.

2) Hugh Robertson b 22/11/1851 -Died of Scarlet Fever in 1857 and is also buried with his parents in Abernethy Churchyard.

3) Mary Robertson b 27/07/1853 - Died of Scarlet Fever in 1857 and is also buried with her parents in Abernethy Churchyard.

4) Christian Robertson b 18/07/1855 Abernethy - Died of Scarlet Fever in 1857 and is also buried with her parents in Abernethy Churchyard.

5) William Robertson b 06/01/1859 Abernethy - nothing else known yet, and i believe he like Janet the eldest, survived to adulthood.

Getting back to David Robertson, the father of the above children - David built a house in Abernethy, a large house called Robertson House in Backwynd, Abernethy. I do not know if this is still standing or not and is probably now called something else.
David by occupation was a Salmon Fisher, Feuer and also a Magistrate - one very busy man all year round. on 7 June 1893 David died of Heart disease and was laid to rest with his wife Margaret who passed away on 3 August 1890, and of course with three of their children who sadly died from Scarlet Fever.

Im guessing that you must be descended from either Janet Robertson and James Brown or William Robertson and unknown spouse?

Going back to David's parents - Hugh Robertson and Mary Malcom, as you rightly said Mary was born on 4 Feb 1775 in Abernethy (to Thomas Malcolm and Janet Constable.) Mary was one of 7 children of Thomas and Janet. Not alot is known about Hugh Robertson. Its thought that he was born on 1 Jan 1869, but there is no proof yet but according to census return 1841 he was born in Perthshire.

Hugh and Mary married on 6 November 1802 in St Madoes, Perthshire and must have stayed there for some time after because 5 of their 7 children where born in Hawkstone, St Madoes- Hugh, Janet, Thomas, James and John. Between 1810-1814 the family moved to Abernethy, back to Mary Malcom's birth place and had two more children - David born 1814 and the very youngest, and the one i didnt know about until this year!, Mary born circa 1817.  Mary never married and is buried in Abernethy churchyard with her parents Hugh and Mary. Hugh Robertson was a Weaver by trade and would have had a comfortable existence in the early 1800's, as weaving was a well paid trade in those days.

Right, I will shut up for now and give you a chance to add or ask about our shared ancestors and soak in the info i have given you so far. I do have quite a bit more on the Malcom side of the family but I am absolutely stumped as far as finding out anymore on Hugh Robertson b 1 jan 1769.


Essex Lookup Requests / Re: 1851 census Essex - 61st Regiment of Foot Soldiers
« on: Monday 07 November 05 09:32 GMT (UK)  »

Thank you very much for taking a look for me at the census returns.  I wonder where the kilroys went during the 1861 census - the mind boggles. I have found descendants of James kilroy with surname written as Kibroy, Gilroy, Kebroy and all sorts!

Well roll on the 26th and fingers crossed that I find something on this elusive ancestor at National Archives.

Kind regards


Essex Lookup Requests / Re: 1851 census Essex - 61st Regiment of Foot Soldiers
« on: Sunday 06 November 05 19:02 GMT (UK)  »
Thank you very much for the info about the National Archives at Kew, I'm going there on the 26th Nov for the whole day and although I will have to have an induction tour I hope I will enough time to find out something of James' military record.

1861 census - Here is who to look for ie James and family

James Kilroy- Head- age 48/46 born ??
Honor Kilroy - Wife- age 29/30 born in Barrow Suffolk (b.1832)
William Kilroy-son- age 2 born in Barrow Suffolk (b.1859)

If you do get a chance to see if you can find them well i would be over the moon. I really do appreciate your help Valda.

Many thanks


Essex Lookup Requests / Re: 1851 census Essex - 61st Regiment of Foot Soldiers
« on: Sunday 06 November 05 17:46 GMT (UK)  »
Hello Thudnut,
That has helped alot, thank you.  Although James married in 1853 his first child was not born until late 1859, this to me says that James was indeed on active service in India until 1857. I believe that sometime during 1857- 1862 James became unable to continue his service in the army and must have applied for or been granted a pension.

If you find any mention of James Kilroy in your book please let me know.

Just out of interest - Do you know how old the men had to be when they enlisted in the 61st?  Was there an entry age of say 21 years old? Would it mention something like that in your book i wonder.

Many thanks


Essex Lookup Requests / Re: 1851 census Essex - 61st Regiment of Foot Soldiers
« on: Sunday 06 November 05 17:31 GMT (UK)  »
hello Valda,
You may have found James for me.  I believe James was born in Southern Ireland but I dont have any proof of this yet. The 61st Regiment of Foot was stationed in Ireland in 1843, first in Dublin during April then Limerick in July of that year, and that is possibly the year my James enlisted.

There is a problem of birthdate for James - In 1853 when he married he states that he was 30 years old, this making his birth year approx 1823. By 1871 when he died on 10th March  in St Giles District, Middx he was declared on his death extract as 56 years old, making his birth date approx 1815.
So all i can tell you is that he was born sometime between 1815-1823 poss in Southern Ireland.
There is talk in the family that James came over from Mayo, but it is just rumour as yet.

In 1862 James had his second child in St George, Bloomsbury, Middx and was noted on the childs birth extract as " Pensioner of the 61st regiment". Unfortunately I have not found James or his wife and children anywhere on the 1861 census in the uk.

I do not know what date the 1871 census was taken on but if it was before 10 March 1871 then I may be able to find out for sure if James was born in Ireland.

Valda, was there any other information on the 1851 census about James? The birth of this James is smack in the middle of the dates of birth for my james.

many thanks


Essex Lookup Requests / Re: 1851 census Essex - 61st Regiment of Foot Soldiers
« on: Monday 31 October 05 10:23 GMT (UK)  »
hello Paul and Thudnut,
I haven't found out anything about my elusive James Kilroy yet - He is a hard man to pin down!

James was a Serg't in the 61st in 1853 and then later in 1862 he was a Pensioner of the 61st Reg, that is all that I have on him at the moment. I tried to find James and his family on the 1861 census for the uk but he is nowhere to be seen, but turns up in 1862 in London with his family(this is where one of his children was born and I have the birth certificate).

I'm hoping to get up to Kew to the National Archives on 26th Novemeber and see if I can find anything about James from records held there, but Im not very hopeful as James must been a Non Commissioned Officer in the 61st.

I have had a look at a site dedicated to the "Glorious Glosters" and found it very interesting. The information about the regiments movements over the years has enabled me to place James in different places during his life. What I really want is to pin point is where James enlisted, and from that where he was born. I have a feeling that James was born in Southern Ireland but I can not be certain yet.

Thudnut - I wonder if your John and my James served in the regiment together- possible isnt it.

Im going to keep on looking until i track him down!

Oh well, off to search the National Archives online now to see what records I should look at when i get there.


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