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Australia / Re: Looking for Relatives of Richard Napoleon Wyombe Townsend REECE
« on: Saturday 31 December 11 03:25 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks judb, funny how something can be right under your nose and you don't even think about it.

I'm going to go with The Ellen convict that came to Australia for the 1839 crimes. I have a theory, I don't know how accurate it is. Having came across this info but. I'm under the distinct impression that Ellen married Benjamin and William is his brother, there are 2 possible William madras's from the area that would be of an appropriate age to be transported.. Benjamin and ellen had a child Richard maddrah who died as an infant. 1839.Ellen Mather I believe is the index

Now, I can not find what happened to William madderah after his pardon in 1836, I have been searching non stop.

Australia / Re: Looking for Relatives of Richard Napoleon Wyombe Townsend REECE
« on: Saturday 31 December 11 00:04 GMT (UK)  »
Hi ladies I'm back. I have been trawling and I just had this horrible feeling of Blimey what have I done? I also had a feeling of have I wasted the last year researching the wrong man and also what I achieved yesterday did I intact get that all wrong. For some silly reason I decided to read this whole thread and this post stood out. We are all here if your still with me in this journey looking for Annie Adelaide to be born here or to be here miraculously etc etc. None of it makes sense really. I'm going to rummage but we believed that Benjamin maddrah was the father of Annie, below is the details from judb trip to the archives. The statement that gets me is her father is William . There was a William maddrah/madderah transported to Australia as a convict from York...... Is it possible that this man is her father. It would make a lot more sense if he was but that still doesn't answer how Ellen got here and whether she is the 1839 convict or the 1852 convict to Australia. So ladies if you may. I lost again. :).
Had a good trawl through various records at the Nat Library earlier in the week.

Firstly, the passenger list  Melbourne-Tasmania 1852 showed Henry ADELAIDE, 40 and Anne ADELAIDE, 26 on the Eucalyptus arriving Hobart 22 Apr 1852.   Looks unlikely.

Secondly, some publications from the Bingara Historical Society which are fascinating and I would strongly suggest you get in contact with them.  One article even had a list of the 7 descendant families still in the district - possibly with a mine of information.  Whoo-hoo - another Christian name for Ellen!!

All of this info is in the publications and I have no idea how reliable it is but here are two pertinent extracts:

Jacob Steel REECE b 1860 at or near Scone NSW; came to Bingara, 1865. Mother became a teacher at the first school in Bingara.

The STEELE family: Isaac STEELE (origins Bourne, near Leeds, England) arrived in Brisbane in 1857 on the Parsee.  18 January 1858, married Maria Green from Hampshire who had also arr Brisbane 1857. Stayed in Brisbane till moving to Inverell district in 1886.  (My comment - this is a bit bizarre as we have Helen/Ellen/Orella calling herself Helen STEEL at Annie's wedding in 1861 in Scone, and dying with the STEELE surname - I think it may be just a co-incidence of surnames, as this Isaac STEELE seems to have no connection with Helen or her husband Jacob)

Then there are these biographical details:

ANNIE ADELAIDE REECE (nee MADDRAH), dau of William and Hosella 'Ellen', stepdaughter of Jacob Steele, b c1845, d1893 Emmaville, m (1) Isaac Reece, 1861 Scone, (2) William Townsend regd 1869 Warialda.  Isaac and Annie left Scone and came to Bingara around 1864-5, where Annie became a teacher in Bingara's first school.

HOSELLA/ORELLA/ELLEN STEELE (formerly MADDRAH, nee BEARCROFT) b c1812, d1883 Bingara, bur Bingara m (1) ? Maddrah, (2) Jacob Steele.  Jacob and Ellen left Scone and came to Bingara around 1864-5 and settled out on the Narrabri Rd. Jacob was an early Bingara builder and cabinet maker.

So - another name for her, and you can see how 'Hosella' could have turned into 'Ursula' on the cert Margaret has.

I found a photo of her granddaughter’s grave in Warialda cemetery with her name shown as Hosella Margaret McCaw.  She seems to be in the NSW BMDs as Margaret Orselle McCaw

Did we have Annie’s death?
1893 Annie Townsend, father Jacob, mother Ellen, registered at Emmaville, #5706

The Bingara publications have a photo of Annie and also a photo of Hosella/Ellen/Helen/Ursula/Orella

Cheers, Judith

Australia / Re: Looking for Relatives of Richard Napoleon Wyombe Townsend REECE
« on: Wednesday 14 April 10 21:39 BST (UK)  »
Hi there Yes Christopher Halligan JNR is the son of the Christopher William Halligan..I have photo's of these graves on Ancestry I believe they are from when i went and visited and looked for these photos. i did like 15 cemeteries in 1 week. MY OH MY what a week.LOL

Ok well to draw this thread out some more :) :)

I have just spoken to a LIVING REECE..decendant of the said Annie Adelaide and Isaac Reece and she informs that she is under the impression that Annie was only actually 13ish when she married Isaac(which ties in with my THOUGHTS) although I can't find a birth record if she was 13ish when married in 1861 then she would have been born the year or year after annie came out of the Convict thing and given her ticket of leave or whatever you call it.

Hmmm just smething to ponder.

Australia / Re: Looking for Relatives of Richard Napoleon Wyombe Townsend REECE
« on: Monday 08 March 10 00:55 GMT (UK)  »
Hi all,

Sorry have been out of touch with all this rain and flooding etc. The info we are looking for seems to be always just that BIT out of reach. We will get there oneday. i have given myself a little break from the tree at the moment but please do keep in touch and if i discover anymore will be sure to let you know. Does anyone have a friend or relative that knows much about video camera memory sticks??? I have somehow lost all the video of my little girls and im devastated to say the least. it just dissapeared of the card. I feel absolutely i dont know but feel like everything is gone :(

Australia / Re: Looking for Relatives of Richard Napoleon Wyombe Townsend REECE
« on: Saturday 27 February 10 11:36 GMT (UK)  »

2. For JM - I'm close to the archives at Kingswood and I could investigate the "Monthly Returns of Attendants and Patients" at the Female Factory Parramatta. It will be a few weeks though before I can do this - I don't have a week day off work for a while.

3. For Dianne and others - I've had a look at the microfiche for the Female Factory Parramatta this week. I've looked up every possible spelling I can think of for Bearcroft/Becroft, Madderah/Mudderah and Steel/Steele etc and I couldn't find anything useful. The microfiche reader is however very old and not too clear and I apologise if I have missed anything, but I did search through it twice. Is there another name I should try? I really don't want to start at the A's and work through on the chance Ellen might be there under yet another name but I will if anyone thinks it might be useful.

From what I could see though the microfiche only covers female convicts. I don't think other women who were at the factory to give birth etc are included so its still possible that Annie Adelaide may have been born there. It's possible that the Monthly Returns that JM has located might be useful.

Sorry I haven't more positive news.

Hi Margaret,

Umm if you could look at Kingswood it would be appreciated. No rush of course. Also did you look under Mather for the female factory microfische???

UMM ANYWAYS i have to run, will type mpre soon.
hope you are all well.

Lanarkshire / Re: Meikle Of Glasgow
« on: Friday 26 February 10 20:35 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Monica,

The tree you mention is MY TREE.LOL :)
Umm I only have that small piece of info on him thats in that tree. Umm that's it. Im trying to see if the info I have is correct. If you wouldn't mind digging up anything Im more thangreatful for your help. It is believed Thomas basford Meikle had a sister Anne and a brother WIlliam which i cant find a record for. I will have a look at the Scot's Site and see if I can discover anything. Since I didn't know that site existed.

Thankyou again :)

Lanarkshire / Re: Meikle Of Glasgow
« on: Friday 26 February 10 20:27 GMT (UK)  »
Thankyou very much for your help. I didn;t know where to start with Scotland birth sites etc. i will sift through what you's have provided and will get back if anythiing is needed. Appreciate your help. Thanks :)

Australia / Re: Looking for Relatives of Richard Napoleon Wyombe Townsend REECE
« on: Friday 26 February 10 20:22 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Caroline,

Which thread??? Couldn't see a link. Yes, Mary died a Reece, Reece is my great grandad. Will chat more soon.

Lanarkshire / Re: Meikle Of Glasgow
« on: Friday 26 February 10 12:16 GMT (UK)  »
I should note James Cairns Meikle was born 1870.

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