Author Topic: O達rien and Hourihane families  (Read 5807 times)

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Re: O達rien and Hourihane families
« Reply #9 on: Tuesday 14 May 19 04:45 BST (UK) »
Actually, once you have tested with one company you can upload your results to many of the other companies.  However, I'm trying to upload to findmypast from FTDNA and/or Ancestry and am having difficulties.  But I'm sure I will get it.

I wouldn't worry about which side would dominate.  It's random, so the chances that would happen are really slim.  It's like flipping a coin and getting 10 heads (or whatever, depending on your country) out of 100 tries.  The chance of that happening is infinitesimal.  My brother and I are very closely related, DNA-wise.  But we do have somewhat different relationships with more distant relatives.


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Re: O達rien and Hourihane families
« Reply #10 on: Tuesday 14 May 19 04:57 BST (UK) »
Thank you Jack.  I will get back to you WHEN I've taken that next step!

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Re: O達rien and Hourihane families
« Reply #11 on: Saturday 07 November 20 14:43 GMT (UK) »
Through atDNA clusters I have come across my wife's MANNING family also went by the name of BRIEN. These are the ones around Dunmanway in West Cork. As an example, a daughter was baptised as MANNING but married as BRIEN.

I understand the agnomina "Mangan or Mongan" for BRIEN Mangan, as an example, was anglicized to MANNING to explain this. I believe in this case, Mangan may mean "hairy".

I am actively crossmatching atDNA from descendants in this cluster if anyone want to contact me about it. See "My Irish Genealigy" on Facebook.
Names list at and various Facebook genetic genealogy research blogs. Multiple atDNA in progress.