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Author Topic: Found Anyone Famous  (Read 79048 times)

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Re: Found Anyone Famous
« Reply #18 on: Monday 06 September 04 15:00 BST (UK) »

This reminds me of the man who boasted of tracing his ancestors back to Alexander the Great !

"Unfortunately," came the answer, "all of our family records were lost in the Flood !"
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Re: Found Anyone Famous
« Reply #19 on: Monday 06 September 04 15:58 BST (UK) »
...if you believe all the legends, then I am related to
King David
(the biblical one !)

Very impressive, Bob! You do have me beat! Congrats!

British Royal Family -- King Henry II is my 22nd great-grandfather!

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Re: Found Anyone Famous
« Reply #20 on: Sunday 31 October 04 12:47 GMT (UK) »
King Cerdic of Wessex in 500's; Egbert, First King of all England; a princess whose name I can't remember; one of the men who killed Becket. And a witch burned in Salem, Mass. in 1600's.  In Waterman line I have many first settlers of several towns in Ct. and Vt., U.S.A..
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Re: Found Anyone Famous
« Reply #21 on: Sunday 31 October 04 13:20 GMT (UK) »
I found a transcript on the internet of a letter written by Jane Austen to her sister Cassandra, mentioning the names of two of her aunts and a cousin - who are also my  v-e-r-y  d-i-s-t-a-n-t  cousins. Apparently one of the aunts had hardly any teeth ;D

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RYE - Hopton
LONG - Wiltshire/Somerset
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HAWKER - Kings Stanley
WARD - Cheltenham

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Re: Found Anyone Famous
« Reply #22 on: Sunday 21 November 04 15:42 GMT (UK) »
I was pretty miffed when I couldn't add someone famous to this original posting, but what a difference a few weeks make ;D  I can lay claim to having connections to Sir Clement Attlee, 1st. Earl Attlee, British Prime minister 1945-1951 :P  wow I impressed myself!  Nobody else in my family seemed excited, so I thought I would take the news to a place where it would be appreciated...here :D
I discovered that his maternal grandmother was the niece to my 3x great grandfather.  Or said another way, his great grandfather was my 4x great grandfather.
No begging letters please ;D
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Re: Found Anyone Famous
« Reply #23 on: Wednesday 24 November 04 19:48 GMT (UK) »
I haven't discovered this - known it for a long time - but he is in my tree so worthy of a mention.   Gordon McRae, star of the film "Oklahoma" is my first cousin once removed.

Jowett & Broadbent in Leeds.
Perry, Hartshorn/e & Wilkes in Birmingham & Dudley. Walker and Dabill in Sheffield & Notts.
Farrar in Darlington & Leeds.
Kidd & Taylor in Hartlepool & Teesside
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Re: Found Anyone Famous
« Reply #24 on: Thursday 25 November 04 15:32 GMT (UK) »
Not a direct descendant, but related by marriage to Sir Walter Scott, but better than him I am a direct descendant of the Collyns family originally of Devon.
This is better known as the family that Jane Austen wrote about in Pride and Prejudice! She changed quite a lot of details about them, including spelling(!), but the fact that most of them were doctors and priests rings true, as well as estates they owned and timeframes.
Hope you like this Darcy (and Minn)!!! ;D
Also related by marriage to the Gilbey family of Essex from Gilbey's Gin! Seems the entirity of my mother's line were brewers, victuallers....maybe that explains why Mum and I have a YEAST intolerance!!! :o

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Re: Found Anyone Famous
« Reply #25 on: Friday 26 November 04 13:52 GMT (UK) »
Did i mention about my ancestor who was fined for riding a bike without lights??   Did i?....... :-X :P
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Re: Found Anyone Famous
« Reply #26 on: Friday 26 November 04 14:01 GMT (UK) »

You are confusing infamous and famous,  again.  ::)

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