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Author Topic: Found Anyone Famous  (Read 79142 times)

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Re: Found Anyone Famous
« Reply #27 on: Friday 26 November 04 14:11 GMT (UK) »
he IS famous in my eyes Kazza..... ;D
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Re: Found Anyone Famous
« Reply #28 on: Tuesday 30 November 04 13:33 GMT (UK) »
And on the subject of family legends that are downright difficult if not impossible to verify, my paternal grandmother's family is reputedly descended from St Cuthbert, he of the Lindisfarne Gospels. The link could not be direct, because chastity was the rule for monks of the time, but Cuthbert as a middle name for girls proliferates up to the 1890s when my grandmother was born.

My father seemed to think that one of his female cousins married the brother of Sir Len Hutton, the cricketer which displays a different aspect of a tenuous connection to fame.

My great grandfather was famous for other reasons though. Apparently, someone who knew him told a elderly relative that he could really sup his ale. He drank it by the barrel, not by the pint.

One of these days I may uncover somebody who can be proven as being famous for doing something worthwhile (not that I am displaying any disrespect for the consumption of beer).
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Re: Found Anyone Famous
« Reply #29 on: Tuesday 30 November 04 14:04 GMT (UK) »
I am not related anyone famous - well, I haven't found anyone YET, but still looking.

However, my cousin's wife is related to Ozzy Osbourne!!!!!!! :o :o :o :o :o TRUE!

Jan :)
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Re: Found Anyone Famous
« Reply #30 on: Tuesday 14 December 04 22:00 GMT (UK) »
...and my husband played round at the Osbornes as a child, and father-in-law did some rewiring for Noddy Holder (well, Noddy Holder's house, rather than Noddy's brain, if you see what I mean)
...but don't tell him I've told you!

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and the list keeps growing...
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Re: Found Anyone Famous
« Reply #31 on: Thursday 06 January 05 11:10 GMT (UK) »
A distant ancestor, Ellen Mary Edmonds appeared on her mother's will as a 'painter of miniatures, under the name Nellie Hepburn Edmonds' Further research found she has a miniature painting in the Victoria and Albert Museum!
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Re: Found Anyone Famous
« Reply #32 on: Thursday 06 January 05 19:19 GMT (UK) »
Not actually descended from anyone famous, but my gt-grandmother met an Italian electrical engineer from Genoa, living in London, and as a result my grandmother was born in 1895, and then fostered and adopted.  Her true parents were unable to marry - he was a Catholic, and she not a
Catholic - and five years later he married a woman of the same religious persuasion, who was also a grand-daughter of Daniel O'Connell, the "Liberator" of Ireland.
My grandmother, to prove this was not just another unhappy story of abandonment, grew up in a well-to-do family on Highgate Hill, married my grandfather, who was in the Civil Service in India; when he got knighted in 1946 she became a Lady.  She died at the age of 96 in 1992, and was the most remarkable woman I have ever met...

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Re: Found Anyone Famous
« Reply #33 on: Thursday 06 January 05 19:44 GMT (UK) »
My ancestor trained in carpentry with his cousin Thomas Chippindale, but decided there was no money in wood and became a miller instead.
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Re: Found Anyone Famous
« Reply #34 on: Friday 07 January 05 23:37 GMT (UK) »
I don't know if you can really consider this famous, but finally I have good news about my family. (not just gangsters and theives..LOL!!!) I found out that my Great grandfather Birchall not only created the art work for the original Dixie Cups, but also the logo used for the Golden gloves for boxing and the Fruit of the loom design. Plus, for anyone from Mass., he created the logo still used by the Lowell Sun too. Woohooo....I have a winner!!!!!  ;D


p.s. Walt Disney asked him to do artwork for Disneyland, but Great Grandpa thought he was nuts. Who's nuts now?!!!! LOL!!!! ;)
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Re: Found Anyone Famous
« Reply #35 on: Sunday 09 January 05 15:30 GMT (UK) »
 :D :D :D

Not quite on topic - this is to Jill -

WOW ! Gordon McCrea was one of my all-time heroes (along with the late Howard Keel) - have you ever been in touch with him Jill?

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