Author Topic: What goes where?  (Read 6406 times)

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Re: What goes where?
« Reply #18 on: Sunday 05 September 04 18:39 BST (UK) »

Guess what! - you can buy Anzac biccies in Sainsbury's, they give a donation to the British Legion for every packet sold, saw them a couple of weeks ago.
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Re: What goes where?
« Reply #19 on: Sunday 05 September 04 19:04 BST (UK) »
Thanks Jaquie. D'you know why you opted for Anzac Day rather than Rememberance Day like the UK? Or do you have both? Were you all just so mad at England for sending you in that you chose your own day?

And Aaron - the way to survive Iceland is by eating lots of cream! You should see the average kid's party here! I use about a litre of cream and half a kilo of chocolate and Pavlova goes down very well indeed though Icelanders favour meringue (?) sandwiched together with cream.
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Re: What goes where?
« Reply #20 on: Sunday 05 September 04 19:04 BST (UK) »
I would LOVE to visit Oz!  Lovely people, but please, don't chuck any veggie burgers on the barbie for me, I can't stand 'em!  Quorn for me please!

I am a little bit worried about how the wildlife would react to me though:  you're talking to the woman who was almost chucked out of London Zoo for frightening the black mambas - talking baby-talk to them and telling them how pretty they are!    ::) ::)
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Re: What goes where?
« Reply #21 on: Monday 06 September 04 00:02 BST (UK) »

we do have 2 minutes silence for Remembrance Day but the march is on Anzac Day - just special for the Aussies and Kiwis. The wonderful thing about these men is that they were all volunteers.... they didn't have to go to Englands's aid - they wanted to.

Now, I'm coming to the next party at your place ;D
I love meringue and the more gooey cream the better!

MrsLizzy - you can come to my place and cuddle up to a Red bellied Black if you want too - heaps of them wandering about here. Last spring a gentleman walking his dog was bitten by one in our street. :o

Lots of yummy wild life in Oz!!

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Re: What goes where?
« Reply #22 on: Monday 06 September 04 06:48 BST (UK) »
Thanks Aaron for telling Gardener about Remembrance Day.

Regards Jacquie.
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