Author Topic: Surnames: Spinks, Todd, Base  (Read 1043 times)

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Surnames: Spinks, Todd, Base
« on: Sunday 27 November 05 03:35 GMT (UK) »
Good Morning

I have been working the Free BMD to see what I can add.

It was suggested I use Henry as an alternate to Harry.

In Sept 1874 Henry James Spinks married Eliza Jeannette Todd at Yarmouth.

I subtracted 30 years from 1884 (the years of death for my Eliza) checked for a birth.

Eliza J Todd was born in Sept 1854 at Greenwich.

I also found Henry Spinks married Rachel Elizabeth Base at Norwich in Dec. 1875.

I could not find a birth for "Base" that might match 1854, but I realize the F BMD is not complete.

I don't know if the 1871 census for Norfolk (Norwich) is indexed (she would have to be age 18 in 1871)

The 1881 census lists the birthplace for Harry (Henry) as Drayton, and Eliza as Norwich - but this could be wrong as my grandmother (the daughter) shows as Norwich but her birth is given as Barnsley.

My mother did mention there was a family connection to Kent, which if my geography is correct would suggest the first Elizabeth (Jeannette Todd).

Anyone on the list have a "Base" connection in Norwich.

The other longshot is the Eyres or Saunders, if a I can find a connection to Todd or Base, that would also help.

Working with "oral tradition" and "the printed medium", I certainly find "links", but they don't always go where I think they might.

Suggestions welcome.


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Re: Surnames: Spinks, Todd, Base
« Reply #1 on: Tuesday 29 November 05 15:09 GMT (UK) »

According to 1851 and 1861 census returns, Rachel E Base was born in Norwich c1848.

From IGI: Rachel Elizabeth Base, dau. of William Base and Sarah Spence, chr. St Etheldreda, Norwich, 31 Dec 1848.  (Marriage record on IGI says Sarah Spencer.)

I think there is a transcription error in the 1881 census extract you mention: the actual image reads SPARKES and not SPINKS.  The same family figures on the 1891 census under the name Sparkes.

ANT: Nesbit, Potts; CHS: Gosling (Hazel Grove/Lymm), Hinton (Lymm), Johnson (Hazel Grove), Marsland (Hazel Grove), Massey (Daresbury), Sorton (Warmingham); LAN: Jackson, James, Potts (Manchester/Salford); MAY: Caulfield, Griffin (Leveelick); SAL: Goodwin, Johnson (Bridgnorth), Gregory (Wellington); STS: Goodwin, Gregory, Johnson (Wolverhampton); Hallett (Trysull); SOM: Dowding, James, Jones (Bath)

Census information Crown Copyright, from

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Re: Surnames: Spinks, Todd, Base
« Reply #2 on: Thursday 25 November 21 02:30 GMT (UK) »
In 1875, Rachael had banns read in Pockthorpe.  The record has been marked as 'cancelled'.  The partner is George.

In dec qtr 1875 there is a marriage registration to George ZIPFEL or TIPFEL of TIPPEL (FREEBDM transcription).

In 1876 and 1878, there are 2 birth registrations in Norwich. Herbert William and George.

In 1881 Elizabeth is with husband George and son George, Norwich St Paul.

In 1882 George was found guilty of Larceny and was imprisoned for 3 months - First name(s)   George
Last name   Zipfel
Year   1882
Session date   27 Jun 1882
Court   The Guild Hall, Norwich
Archive   The National Archives
Source   Home Office: Criminal Registers, England And Wales, 1805-1892
Series   HO27

In 1884 George was given 12 months for a similar offence
First name(s)   George
Last name   Zipfel
Year   1884
Session date   07 Feb 1884
Court   Norwich
Archive   The National Archives
Source   Home Office: Criminal Registers, England And Wales, 1805-1892
Series   HO27

The son George was in Boys Home, St Faiths Lane, in 1891, aged 13

Then things take a turn for the better for Rachael (presumably)
In 1901 she and George are together with a daughter Alice born 1885 in Norwich, and a brother of George's named Matthew.  Both men are jobbing watchakers. Rachael is a monthly nurse

Son George Arthur ZIPFEL - as named in the Army papers -
Attested into the Norfolk Regiment 1894

BACKTRACK to Rachael 1891. She is with 2 children at the same address as she was in 1901.  Name transcribed as SIPPEL. Shows a married, husband not at the same address.

1911 Census has George as a married man in the Workhouse. aged 68 formerly a watchmaker.

In conclusion I think the 'wrong' partner has been chosen from the options given in the GRO index