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Cross from Essex, Suffolk, and London
« on: Tuesday 10 January 06 01:22 GMT (UK) »
this isn't a request for help, but in hopes of connecting with the twigs and leaves (and a few branches) missing from an already large tree.

the tree is mostly Quaker in England, and goes back to about 1624. the first (earliest) generation is a bit spotty and has some possibly incorrect information. everything after that is fairly well documented.

because there isn't enough room here to discuss the whole tree, I am skipping generations and discussing the three main individuals, our earliest ancestor, then the first individual (to my knowledge) to remove from Suffolk to Essex, then the first individual (to my knowledge) to move to the U.S.

Edmond Cross(e) is the earliest known ancestor. he was born between 1618 and 1625 of Suffolk. he is first found in the parish of St. Mary, Woodbridge, Suffolk, England, where his first three children are baptised and added into the record book after the fact, squeezed in between other member's baptisms, and from what I've been told were "ticked" as non-conformists-by drawing little lines next to the children's names.
Edmond married Sarah ________ where and when is unknown, but he may have been born in Framlingham to Edmond Cross and perhaps Ann? as I find a number of Edmond Cross's there.
in 1655 Edmond entered his family into the Quaker faith, and there they remained. Edmond and Sarah had at least 9 children, of which 4 are known to have married.
Edmond's great grandson, Edmund Cross, removed to Colchester, Essex, where he married in 1736 to a Quakeress, Hannah Hawkins and had 13 children.
their grandson, Joseph Cross, married out of the faith to Hannah Smith (sometimes called Miller or Thomson) and in about 1842/43 they removed to the U.S. (but I believe they left before the 1841 census, or lived in a section of London which no longer has an extant census for that year as I cannot find them in the 1841).
they were preceded to American by two of their sons, and brought with them all of their children but for the two who preceded them and their eldest, who was married and had a large family. that son brought the whole family over in...1848 if I recall correctly.
the names of the children of Joseph and Hannah were;

Joseph Aubrey who m. Rebecca Sidnell in London
Maria Ann who m. William Johnston who d. in the CW
William who m. Elizabeth Atkinson and d. in the CW
John who m. Eliza Hawkins and d. in the CW
Hannah Lydia who m. John Beck
James who m. Harriett Stamm and fought in the CW
Josiah who m. Elizabeth Franklin and was probably a civil servant in the CW-delivering goods and messages.

all of these people, with exception of Maria Ann, had children and have descendants scattered through-out the U.S.

if you think you may connect, especially if you have an Edmond/Edmund Cross, Peter Cross or Aubrey Cross in your tree, or if your Cross's were non-conformists, please get in touch with me and we'll compare notes. I have a very large tree, even though quite a few individuals chose not to marry and many died young before 1850.
the list of names below all tie into our Cross tree somewhere.
Airey Aitken Atkinson Alston Barr*tt Cross Freeman Gage Harlock Harris Hawkins Head Hudd Parker Peckover Pennington Rayner Richards Seaman Smith Smyth Waterfall

Elizabeth Burnham, Mary Church, John Davis Cooper, Hannah Cork, Aubrey Cross, Mary J. Docwra, Elizabeth Griffiths, Chas Halifax, John Head, Lavinia King, Mary & Martha Mayhew, Alfred Augustus Mayo, Wm Pettit, Hezekiah Richards, Martha Sewell, Rebecca Sidnell, Hannah Smith, Augustin Smyth, Annie Southan, Catherine Till/Tell, Fanny Watt