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Re: CHARMAN one name study
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Hi, I suspect Ive found all the BDMs for those early Charmans, they are all in the profiles in my tree. But I'd be the last to say that everything in my tree is "right" - some of it barely qualifies as "plausible"!! Unfortunately they didn't leave a lot of written evidence behind!

Its about 20 years since I reached the conclusion that John (m Sarah Stanford) was the son of Francis and Ann and I really don't have anything in the way of notes.  About all I can say is that theres a thread of being "Yeomen" that comes down from John (about 1550, married to Ann Boorer), through Robert, then Francis and to John and his siblings.  But there are other threads of yeomen coming down from John (abt 1550) and indeed his siblings.  My GGGGGGGGfather was a John born around 1620-ish, and a Yeoman, and due to the naming convention of the time, every branch of every generation had a John in it, and its practically impossible to distinguish them.

I've generally used two methods to try to sort out who was who.  One was wills/land/wealth and the other was naming conventions.  Both are hit-and-miss!

With the naming conventions, I can see Francis, John and Robert being passed down as a name in "your" line. In my line, names like Richard, Henry/Harry and John prevail.  If you look up the exact details of the convention they don't seem to have followed them rigorously, but its a clue.

I believe that apparent moving between Slinfold and Warnham doesn't mean anyone actually move house.  There are a group of farms SW of Warnham associated with some parts of the family that lie on the Slinfold side of the A281 Guildford-Horsham road.  They are pretty well on the parish boundary between Slinford and Warnham.  Rapkyns is one of them associated with John (m Sarah Stanford) and I left myself a note that it passed from "Robert" (which one) to Johns son John.  Another one nearby is Town House farm, which I'm pretty sure I've seen mentioned but can't trace now (I think it was a Thomas or Francis)

While that line of Charmans seems to have concentrated on that area, my own line of Charmans held farms between Warnham and Oakwood Hill on the A29 Bognor Road  Its NW of Warnham, whilst the other farms are SW of Warnham. They are only about 2-3 miles apart so its not much to go on. 

None of this is enough to prove anything but when I've tried to unscramble these early Charmans, these were my guides.

Regards, Colin Charman