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1871 Census Look Up
« on: Thursday 19 January 06 14:07 GMT (UK) »
Would it be possible for someone to look at the 1871 census for me.  I'm trying to find a Joseph Asbury (born 1818) and family in Herts.  I think the location may well be Whitwell or St Pauls Walden.

Thanks very much.


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Re: 1871 Census Look Up
« Reply #1 on: Thursday 19 January 06 14:16 GMT (UK) »
Hi Nick, 

RG10/1370 62 10
Pauls Walden
Whitewell Village

Joseph Asbury, head, 53, Cordwainer, b. Pauls Walden
Sarah, wife, 40, b. Bedfordshire
Arthur, son, 18, Cordwainer, b. Pauls Walden
Matilda, dau, 17, b. do.
James, son, 15, b. do.
Vilfrah?, dau, 10, b. do.
Frederick, son, 9, b. do.
Charles, son, 7, b. do.
John, son, 4, b. do.
Elizabeth, dau, 2, b. do.

Next door:
Ann Allen, head, wid, 75, b. Pauls Walden
Trefina? Asbury, dau, 10, scholar, b. do.

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Re: 1871 Census Look Up
« Reply #2 on: Wednesday 26 August 15 09:12 BST (UK) »
A friend, with a passion for collecting mementos has purchased an old framed photo (date 18xx or early 1900's ?) depicting one elderly gent,  a younger one, plus a lad next to a cart that carries the name of J Asbury Whitwell complete with collie dog on top of the load which is covered by canvas. Could the load have been shoes ?  There are rabbit's carcass hanging at rear of cart (payment for shoes ?)
He has no connection with the Asbury family. Would you have any knowledge of this photo ? the frame also contains a decent pencil drawing of this photo that also seems to be old. Bob.

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Re: 1871 Census Look Up
« Reply #3 on: Wednesday 26 August 15 20:31 BST (UK) »

Why not scan it and post the copy?


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