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Sir Samuel Luke Fildes
« on: Monday 23 January 06 22:39 GMT (UK) »
Hey all. This is my first time on these boards. I am 17 in USA researching my lineage on my mother's side. I am in desperate need of help. But I have tons of information. So far this is what I'd found:

Sir Luke Fildes 1843-1927/ [M] Fanny Woods 1849-1927

Sons:                         Birth year
Frederick L.V. Fildes       1879
Paul Gordon Fildes         1882
Gerrogery Phillip Fildes  1888
Quentin Denis Fildes      1889

Phyllis Kate Fildes           1884
Dorothy Ann Fildes          1890

In Lancashire

That's just his family. And I have my mothers lineage traced back to the Fildes' side in 1908 with her grandmother Thelma Fildes, in Illinois.

I need help in finding the connection between the family line above, and my family. Iv'e reasearched alot and Iv'e found several connections between the Illinois and Indiana states, and Lancashire, England. But none were completed enough for me to find a connection with my Great grandmother Thelma Fildes.

My lineage goes as this:

Thelma Fildes 1908-1985/ [M] Howard Shinkle
Daughter: Patricia Shinkle/ [M] Glenn Johnson
[D] Rebecca Johnson/ [M] Wayne Hutchison
[D] Abigail (Me) and Sarah Hutchison.

That's some of the information so far I have on that. Dates for the most recent generation are sketchy now, but will soon be in order. But, I'm most concerned about the connection between Sir Luke, and Thelma. Any help would be so greatly appreciated.

Thanks very much,
Abbie (Deveri)