Author Topic: Family of an old Irish Soldier?  (Read 5462 times)

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Family of an old Irish Soldier?
« on: Friday 17 February 06 23:48 GMT (UK) »
According to his military discharge paper, found in the National Archives of Quebec, Canada, my ancestor, Garrett BARRON, sergeant was “Born in the Parifh of Davids Town in or near the Market-Town of Donard, in the County of Wicklow”.  He was 39 years old when discharged on the Sixteenth Day of June, 1784 from the 29th Regiment of Foot.

From the Public Records Office; War Office Records, UK., I have collected muster rolls that trace his military career and show that his was born in the fall of 1744, and first joined the 18th Regiment of Foot at age 16 or 17.  Canadian county histories tell that he was an Episcopalian, (Anglican) over 6 ft. tall and a Freemason.

So, with this information how can I learn about his family in Ireland (parents, siblings)??
Where is the best place to start?

Thank you for any help.

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Re: Family of an old Irish Soldier?
« Reply #1 on: Saturday 18 February 06 20:46 GMT (UK) »
Hello Carrie,

I have found a description of Donard, Co. Wicklow. I have also found the Barron Coat of Arms which says they were a Waterford family.

I have been replying to a query about the Great War (World War I) this evening. This small bit of research led to Irish Great War Associations and the Society in Waterford. I spotted the list of 1876 landowners and decided to have a look.
I wonder if the Barrons on that list are connected with your Garrett Barron from Co. Wicklow

The Waterford Great War Society, C/O The Dungarvan Museum, St. Augustine Street, Dungarvan, Co. Waterford, Ireland.

All the Best, Christopher

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Re: Family of an old Irish Soldier?
« Reply #2 on: Sunday 19 February 06 03:49 GMT (UK) »
Hello Christopher,

Thank you for your message.  I appreciate your time and interest very much.  My general research about the BARRON surname in Ireland says that you are correct about the name and Coat of Arms…

   "BARRON, First found in County Waterford where Barrons were granted lands by
    Strongbow, Earl of Pembroke, for their assistance on his invasion of Ireland in 1169.

    The Anglo-Norman knights which participated in the invasion of Ireland with
    Strongbow were bound together by family, land and fealty.  Maurice and William fitz
    Gerald (Fitzgerald) were among them.

    The Fitzgerald family used the Barron name: “Barron alias Fitzgerald” and were
    granted land in the south eastern counties of Waterford, Wexford and

I don’t know how my ancestor came to be born in Davids Town, near Donard, County Wicklow (IF his family was from Waterford) and I certainly don’t want to jump to any conclusions.  I’m just not sure how to proceed with what I have.

The only other hint that I have is from a paper written by a deceased (1882-1968) family member stating that…

    "The father of Garrett Barron was a school teacher in Dublin and his grandmother
     was in Ireland at the time of the Catholic and Orange Rebellion in 1688.  She was in
     a fort besieged by the Catholics and surrounded by guards except by way of the
     river.  The commander called the women together and told them he would open the
     gate at a certain time.  All who could, and wished to, might swim out.  The
     grandmother was one who crossed the river under fire."

There isn’t really much information in this writing (above) and it may not be at all accurate.

Again, thank you for your reply.