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Re: 1841Census Preston -Accused of Murder
« Reply #9 on: Wednesday 17 May 06 23:02 BST (UK) »
Hello Jaywit and MJP.
Thank you both very much for your contributions today. Have had a quick look on freebmd and it looks as though there might have been 2 more children born both in registration district of Chorlton. Which was where Eliza aged 1 in 1841 census birth registered.
MJP   Yes John Cowburn to Ann Whittle is on IGI and Boyds Marriage Index.
I obtained copy of this marriage some time ago. This is where I found the reference to Moorgate Fold  in parish of Blackburn.
By Licence.  Not survived. They both signed with lovely handwriting. Also Henry, Thomas Morris, and Marian Louisa all had good handwriting on their marriage certificates.

Thomas Dakin with his wife were living at 12 Ford Street Salford in 1851 Census.

Also found possible death for Wm Dibb in Chorlton March 1/4 1851.  Now need to see if can find Martha Dibb in 1851 Census to find place of birth.  If baptised Wesleyan not necessarily in Blackburn itself maybe an outlying village.

Talk very soon I hope.

0nce again Thanks to  you and Jaywit  for your help.

Kind Regards

porcelayne ladye.

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Re: 1841Census Preston -Accused of Murder
« Reply #10 on: Friday 15 August 14 07:28 BST (UK) »
Good Morning MJP After finding a birth for Charles Edward COWBURN (Not Grainger) Looked for a Mathilde Cowburn. No Luck. Found one for a LOUISA F M Cowburn. (Sept 1999) which I applied for.
Maybe you too could check out the following and see If you can come up with anything  in 1851. (0nly Louisa Cowburn is one I found back in 1999 and  is the  one on Ancestry.)  0r 1861 Census for them.  Cannot find Marriage or Death for either this mother or her daughter. Maybe you can????
28 Sept 1851 @ 12 Ford Street Salford.
Louisa Fletcher MORRIS Cowburn.
No Father's name given
Louisa Matilda MORRIS Cowburn - Mother
of 12 Ford Street Salford. Regd. 5 0ctober 1851.

Is this the beginning of Marian's deception?
0r young and confused and not explained properly to Registrar.
Do you think this  Mother could be my Louisa (Marian) who later called her daughter Mathilde as in 1861 Census (To 1901) Coincidence or what?  Your thoughts ideas would be much appreciated.

Extra background information.

When checking for Marriages found one for Henry Cowburn (age 24)  3 June 1850 to Mary McDermott - Catholic Church Manchester. Both Henry and his Father John Cowburn occupation's given as  Painter. NEVER FOUND HENRY AFTER  1851 (Foster Street- Born Preston) even now with Ancestry. 1841 Census Henry Cowburn 15 Prisoner  Painter New Bailey Prison Manchester. NO RECORDS SURVIVE

Also a Thomas MORRIS Cowburn married 27 0ctober 1856  Billiard Marker His Father JOHN COWBURN   PAINTER After applying for his childrens births found him on 1861 Census. (Also mother Ann living with him at time Chestnut Street  Cheetham. 1st 5 children born Manchester just Cowburn. However when he moved to London 1865  Next 6 children girls and boys registered MORRIS Cowburn.

Did a lot of work on him in hopes of finding Marian with the family in 1881 no such luck.  He died in 1877 - around the time Marian started her drinking and troubles and appearing in  Police Courts in 0xford. Did find him in 1851 at Berkshire Family History Society on Fiche from Water damaged 1851 Census at Ashton Under Lyne Billiard Marker. (This too was some years ago.)

Hope I have not gone on too much just thought background information would be of help in trying to solve this very elusive family.

Summing up the only known possible Marriage for John and Ann was 1825 Preston. He was of Moorgate Fold Blackburn. Would tie in with age of Henry. But with quite a gap between him and Louisa and Thomas (1841 Census).  

Some years  ago came across a baptism Martha MORRIS Cowburn 22 August 1803  BLACKBURN. Dau of John and Mary Cowburn.(From old IGI only Morris Cowburn)  Maybe this is next line to persue. Also a Martha MORRIS Cowburn Married 25 December 1827 By Licence at St Marys Blackburn to WILLIAM DIBB Glasscutter.(From Lancashire 0n Line Parish Project) Found 2006.

But what are chances of them being found in 1841 but Mainly 1851 for her place of Birth. To check for siblings.

Thanks for ploughing through this. You can tell can't you I am desperate to find Marians roots.   I wonder what James Grainger family would have made of all this.  They were a well respected family and business people.  Including Mayors J.P.'s Freemen and Manufacturers.  James Fathers business which he started  circa 1803 was sold in 1889 and ceased trading in 1901 under their name.  The Company that bought it are still trading today. Which is all very fantastic and totally unknown to family until I started this. But all I want is more on family of poor little (Marian) Louisa Cowburn daughter of a painter in Lancashire.
Will I ever get it? I do hope so.

Kind Regards
porcelayne ladye

Hello porcelayne ladye...are you still researching the Cowburn family? Would love to discuss/share info with you.