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Extra information
« on: Wednesday 06 October 04 08:58 BST (UK) »
I received a marriage certificate for my grandparents from the GRO - which was a handwritten copy (not a photocopy of the original ) - which gave me all the usual information, including her father as Percival Hunter Dixon.   Quite by chance, I was looking in the parish records at the same church, and decided to get a copy of the original ....when I found it I was surprised to find that under the father's name - there was Percival Hunter Dixon - but below it was another man's name - crossed through......I eventually discovered that this was her step-father.

Percival had died when she was 14 - her mother re-married, and there was obviously some confusion in the vestry as to who was her father !  I think, where possible it is worth looking for the otiginal vhurvh entries - also you get to have a copy of their real signatures ..... and it only costs a few pence rather than 7

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