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Re: george sexton brown
« Reply #9 on: Friday 08 November 19 01:53 GMT (UK) »
Caroline's birth isn't on Free BMD yet:

However, you can search the original images of the GRO birth index free at (choose the option "Search the complete images").  It takes a little while to search the quarters, but if you check 1838-1839, you should find her.  A birth cert will give her mother's maiden name.

How many children did George and Caroline have?  There's about a dozen on the 1881 census - poor woman!


GRO Reference: 1838  D Quarter in HENDON UNION  Volume 03  Page 150

GRO Reference: 1840  D Quarter in HENDON  Volume 03  Page 147

GRO Reference: 1842  S Quarter in HENDON  Volume 03  Page 184

GRO Reference: 1849  S Quarter in HEMEL HEMPSTED  Volume 06  Page 485


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Re: George Sexton BROWN
« Reply #10 on: Saturday 09 November 19 02:05 GMT (UK) »
Sorry! That wasn't explained very well. I have gone back several generations and I can find no other reference to the "brown" in Sexton Brown. I can find no references on my GGrandmother Powell, either. I would like to try the find the origin of "Brown" if that is possible. I would appreciate any help in this.

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Re: George Sexton BROWN
« Reply #11 on: Saturday 09 November 19 06:07 GMT (UK) »
From what I can see the surname Brown doesn't appear in this family prior to 1860.

William Sexton married Elizabeth Anstee 29 Mar 1824 Ivinghow Buckingham.
 - Banns read in St Mary Hemel Hempstead say William Sexton, bachelor, was "of this parish" & Elizabeth Anstee, spinster, was of the parish of Ivinghow Buckingham

Wm & Eliz Sexton are recorded, with their children, on all census with surname SEXTON. Both died as Sexton.

First recorded ref I've seen was 23 Dec 1860 when George Sexton Brown married Caroline Henrietta Powell. George said his father was William Sexton Brown. (noted earlier)

1861 census - It seems that George hasn't yet got the hang of using his new name as 1861 census has George B. Sexton & Caroline Sexton Hemel Hempstead (presume the "B" was for Brown)

 - Their children were registered with second forename as Sexton, surname Brown.

Thereafter, the family surname for George & his descendants was Brown.

I initially thought that the name change could be a family disagreement or something that caused George to "disown" his family/name but then found that 2 of his siblings, Edward & Eliza also married with their surname as Brown.

1867 - Edward Sexton Brown married Margaret Dagley & Eliza Sexton Brown married Walter Rance (possibly) same date & place 24 Jan 1867 - Baptist Chapel, Hemel Hempstead.

 - Edward Sexton Brown registered his children with surname "Sexton". All census say his name was Sexton. So looks like whatever happened in the 1850's ,causing the surname change, had been resolved.

 - Mother's maiden surname on Eliza & Walter Rance's children was Sexton.

Neither Edward or Eliza appear to have used the surname Brown before or after their marriage day

Apologies for repeating previous posted info - just trying to get a timeline.

Census information is Crown Copyright, from

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Re: George Sexton BROWN
« Reply #12 on: Sunday 10 November 19 11:57 GMT (UK) »
Apologies - missed an earlier record:

BANNS read at Ivinghoe Buckinghamshire 14 March 1824 (1st reading)
William Sexton or Brown of Hemel Hempstead & Elizabeth Anstey of Ivinghoe Buckinghamshire

Banns in HH didn't include the Brown alias

Edit: Do you know when William Sexton died? (ie father of George Sexton Brown)
The burial in Feb 1874 that a lot of trees say is his burial isn't the right one. According to the Newspapers this was a Rev William Sexton, a Baptist Minister of Tring.

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Re: George Sexton BROWN
« Reply #13 on: Wednesday 03 February 21 17:45 GMT (UK) »
Good evening,
I have found a record of William Sexton husband of Elizabeth Anstee died 21 Feb 1874. The probate record confirms he was a Baptist minister. William was my 4th great grandfather.