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Re: Knackers Hole
« Reply #9 on: Friday 03 August 07 21:07 BST (UK) »
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Re: Knackers Hole
« Reply #10 on: Tuesday 07 August 07 12:32 BST (UK) »
The Wood family are the ones that I'm interested in. I tried searching for that but no luck. I don't think it was my day. lol.
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Yet Another "blast from the past" post!
« Reply #11 on: Tuesday 15 February 11 23:32 GMT (UK) »
Hi Caz
Just stumbled on this site while trying to help a colleague. I know it appears to be yonks since you posted here, but I wondered are you still doing your very generous "Look up" offer? By the way, I think that your version of the Fanta bottle is way better thn the standard one. Hope you receive this .

Ian McKay
PS: My e-addy is (*)

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