Author Topic: Link: Yorkshire Births, Marriages and Deaths  (Read 23707 times)

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Link: Yorkshire Births, Marriages and Deaths
« on: Friday 30 January 04 17:42 GMT (UK) »
Yorkshire BMD
A searchable database of Yorkshire's Births, Marriages and Deaths
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Re:Link: Yorkshire Births, Marriages and Deaths
« Reply #1 on: Thursday 05 February 04 13:25 GMT (UK) »

26 January 2004

16,792 marriages added from Hull, St Luke 1864-1947, St Augustine 1897-1974, St Mary & St Peter 1906-1969 and St John (Newington) 1896-1951  
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Re: Link: Yorkshire Births, Marriages and Deaths
« Reply #2 on: Wednesday 15 December 04 13:46 GMT (UK) »
You can search for Yorkshire Births, Marriages and Deaths at this site:

                            <img src=""> 

Like all the UK-BMD County sites, this site is being continually updated.

The "County" sites do a newsletter, with update information.  Rather than repeat this three times, I am adding the update information to this thread at

     Yorkshire (East Riding & York): Yorkshire BMD site, and Updates
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Link :Barnsley Birth Marriages and Deaths
« Reply #3 on: Monday 11 July 11 09:30 BST (UK) »
Births, Deaths and Marriages - Search Facility
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