Author Topic: Four Trees - Our Great Grandfathers  (Read 66165 times)

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Re: Four Trees - Our Great Grandfathers
« Reply #9 on: Wednesday 29 March 06 21:23 BST (UK) »
I can only locate three because my grandfather didn't exist until his marriage in 1907 therefore no gt.grandad!

Thomas Dinmore from Camberwell a rope maker
George James Tylor from Camberwell a gen. labourer
Henry Collyer from Surrey a bricklayers labourer

Lewis & Davies in Glam.
Richards & Roberts,  in Carmarthen & Glam.
Bowen & Morgans in Carm.
Walters & Mort in Glam.
Dinmore, in SE London (prev.Surrey & Kent), Lowestoft & Yorks.
Collier/Collyer, Tyler & Welch in SE London(prev.Surrey)

All census transcriptions are Crown Copyright

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Re: Four Trees - Our Great Grandfathers
« Reply #10 on: Wednesday 29 March 06 21:28 BST (UK) »
My Four Great Grandfathers are....

Henry Walker - 1845 to some time after 1901 census (cannot find his death) born Burntwood, Staffs.. a nail forger by trade

Frederick James Aston - 1853 to?????? Born Evesham died Worcester I suspect..  a Band Sawyer by trade

John Condon born c 1860 Cork ( if family stories are true) , died 1912 a stone mason famous for his hand hewn Celtic Crosses and for his work on the Library of Congress in Washington DC.

James McDonnell  have NO info on this chap at all... except born Fermanagh a farmer I believe and obviously was not a happy bunny when his daughter married my grandfather !!!!!

Best wishes


All census look up transcriptions are Crown Copyright<br /><br />Researching: - Freear, Walker, Aston, Scanlan, Courtney, Lowth, O’Sulivan, McDonnell, Condon, McMahon, McKay, Brock, Gourlay, Busby<br /><br />Locations: - March in Cambridgeshire, Banbury in Oxfordshire, Mileham in Norfolk, Worcester, Evesham, Claines in Worcestershire, Birmingham. Dublin, Cork, Fermanagh in Ireland.  Glasgow, Stirling in Scotland

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Re: Four Trees - Our Great Grandfathers
« Reply #11 on: Wednesday 29 March 06 21:32 BST (UK) »
My 4

Robert Carver a wheelwright from Wrestlingworth, Bedfordshire
Frederick Farr a straw hat worker from Luton Bedfordshire
Albert Love Griffin a GWR passenger guard from Colyford, Devon
and James Allsop a jack of all trades from Wirksworth Derbyshire

Jan ;)

bedfordshire - farr, carver,handley, godfrey, newell, bird, emmerton, underwood,ancell
buckinghamshire- pain
cambridgeshire- bird, carver
hertfordshire- conisbee, bean, saunders, quick,godfrey
derbyshire- allsop, noon
devon - griffin, love, rapsey
dorset- rendall, gale
somerset- rendall, churchill
surrey/middlesex - douglas, conisbee, childs, lyon groombridge

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Re: Four Trees - Our Great Grandfathers
« Reply #12 on: Wednesday 29 March 06 22:09 BST (UK) »
My 8 are-

John William Russell, a gardener from White Waltham in Berks and Beatrice Jones from Great Marlow in Bucks.

John Stubbs, a coachman from Mucklestone in Shrops and Jane Shepherd from Powick in Worcs.

Edward Gibson, a circus ringmaster cum carpet weaver (!) from Liversedge in West Yorkshire and Sarah Ann France from Huddersfield.

John Patchett, a rullyman from Bassingham in Lincolnshire and Charlotte Bishop from Keyingham in E Yorks.

I was surprised when I got to this point just how far flung my great grandparents were. I expected them to be confined to East Yorks where my mum came from and Bucks where my dad originated. Just shows how little I knew!

I agree with you, Gadget - I love following the maternal lines and get really frustrated when the parish record entries only give the mother's first name or, even worse, give only the father's name. Did the clerks think the men did the giving birth or what?!   >:(

I've just found a couple of wills where the man leaves his soon to be widow this that and the other but only as long as she doesn't remarry. If she does, well s-d her!!  >:(
We've come a long way since then - thank god!   ;D



 BATHSHEBA BOOTHROYD bn c. 1802 W. Yorks.

Baptism nowhere to be found. Possibly in a nonconformist church near ALMONDBURY or HUDDERSFIELD.

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Re: Four Trees - Our Great Grandfathers
« Reply #13 on: Wednesday 29 March 06 22:28 BST (UK) »
I have an interesting set of gt grandads  ;)

Two of them are brothers  ;D My paternal grandparents were first cousins.

George Albert Rogers b1868 who was a timekeeper on the London buses.
Herbert Phillips Rogers b 1870 a London omnibus driver and horsekeeper.

William Worth b1867 a general labourer of Macclesfield Cheshire.
Joseph Bailey b1868 foreman in a silk factory in Macclesfield.

I must agree tracing the 'boys' is easier ,but the girls are more of a challenge and therefore more interesting.

Census information is Crown Copyright, from

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Re: Four Trees - Our Great Grandfathers
« Reply #14 on: Thursday 30 March 06 18:37 BST (UK) »
Hi All,

I am lucky enough to know about all of my Gt Grandparents!! My Gt Grandfathers were:

George Albert Parker b. 1887, Linton Heath, Derbyshire. d. 1952, Birmingham. He started out a miner then became a tram guard in Blackpool and Birmingham. Also worked in the staff canteen at the Cadbury's factory in Birmingham after he retired.

Thomas Gibson b. 1878, Ardwick, Manchester, Lancashire. d. 1963, Birmingham. He was an Engineer and an inventor of sorts although he never patented anything!

Arthur George Cyril Bauer/Bower b. 1895, Kentish Town, London. d. 1968, Isleworth, Middlesex. He was in the Royal Field Artilllery during the First World War and afterwards worked for the Board of Trade as a civil servant. He was evacuated during World War 2 to Buxton in Derbyshire. He was the only member of the family to anglicise his surname!

Robert Sydney Phillips b. 1884, Croydon, Surrey. I don't as yet know when he died!! He was a soldier during World War 1 and was a bricklayer in civillian life.

They all led interesting lives, through hardship and otherwise!


Aitcheson, Aldred, Batty, Bauer, Bone, Brewer, Dean, Doyle, Durant, Fife, Finney, Gibson, Graham/Grayham, Hall, Harrison, Hersey, Hill, Holliss, Hudson, Hussey, Insley, Kelsey, King, Laver, Longmore, Luke, Mellor, Newman, North, Parker, Phillips, Porter, Read, Robinson, Rowel, Spink, Sproxton, Steer, Stevenson, Tanner, Witty/Whitty, Warburton, Wood.
(For more information on the above surnames please check the Surname Interest Table below.)

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Re: Four Trees - Our Great Grandfathers
« Reply #15 on: Friday 31 March 06 10:17 BST (UK) »
The four great men who helped contribute to what makes me.

Thomas Richardson Lunt - Knowsley 7th June, 1844
Robert Parle - Ballindinas, Co. Wexford 24th November, 1838
Thomas John Larkins - Luton, Bedfordshire 1847
Charles Cain - Codicote, Hertfordshire 25th May, 1842

Census Information is Crown Copyright, from The National Archives <br />Lunt (Wavertree/West Derby), Forshaw (West Derby), Richardson (Knowsley), Kent (Cheshire), <br />Cain (Hertfordshire, London), Larkins (Bedfordshire, London), Nunn (London), Lenton, Hillyard (Bedfordshire), <br />Parle, Lambert, Furlong, Wafer (Wexford)<br />Special separate interest in Longford (Blackrock, Dublin)

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Richard, the Mariner
« Reply #16 on: Monday 03 April 06 05:22 BST (UK) »
Richard Zelley  is my great great grandfather (1825 - 1905),
Zelley,  Lovell, Godbold, Woods, Phillips, Lewis, Emery,
Magee, Baker, White. Flisher, Kyne, Tilston, Valence/Vallens,
Mabb/Mabbe, Bellamy, Selley, Martha Smith, Arno (of Dartmouth, Devon}.
Dorset, London, Warwick, East Anglia, Kent,  Devon
North Wales          

The ancestors lived here and there, in many scattered
places, with various occupations

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Re: Four Trees - Our Great Grandfathers
« Reply #17 on: Sunday 09 April 06 21:22 BST (UK) »
I only have the names of 3 of my Great Grandfathers so far:

George Steele b 1859

William Freak b 1872
William is said to have been a very strong man, and apparently could carry a tree trunk on his back!

Thomas Morgan b 1870-1927
Thomas was apparently very strict and extremely victorian!

Morgan - Herefordshire, Worcestershire * Bullock - Worcestershire * Taylor - Gloucestershire, Worcestershire * Peverill/all/ell - Middlesex, Brighton, Essex * Knee - Gloucestershire, London area * Brenan - Any area * Steele - Dorset<br /><br />Census Information is Crown Copyright, from