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« on: Tuesday 16 May 06 17:05 BST (UK) »
Hi All

Just thought I'd post a reminder regarding copying and pasting from the various resources available. (Federation Index, Diggers, Pioneers, etc)

The transcript remains their copyright. To respect this, can I ask people do NOT copy and paste from these resources, as they are still protected by copyright laws.

Your own transcriptions from the original images can be made and posted if you have access.

Thanks for all of the help you all give, it is appreciated by many. Thank you also for your support on this matter.

Valerie and the Rootschat Team.
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Also searching the above in Australia

“Census Information is Crown Copyright, from

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« Reply #1 on: Saturday 15 July 06 17:07 BST (UK) »
Hiya Valerie,

I'm wondering about the copyright situation when photographs are copied from old books printed many years ago. Some of the photos may have been taken by well known photographers who are now dead. The originals may be in the collection in a museum. Who does one approach for permission to post such photos? Should one attend a seance in an effort to contact the photographer through a medium or is there a simpler route.   

All the Best, Chris.

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« Reply #2 on: Saturday 15 July 06 17:40 BST (UK) »
The copyright which would apply to photographs published in a book could well be different to the copyright for the original photograph.  The original photographs would be the copyright of the photographer for a period of years after the death of the photographer.  This is currently 70 years.

However if they were included, with proper permission from the copyright holder of course, in a book which was published some time after they were originally taken, then they could then form part of a different publication or creative work, and could be subject to the copyright of this new work and this could extend from the date of publication of this new work until the copyright period runs out.  Copyright may also have been assigned to the author of this new work.

Potential minefield, isn't it?  ;)

If in doubt, always assume someone owns the copyright!

Best wishes
The Copyright Team


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« Reply #3 on: Tuesday 09 December 08 13:44 GMT (UK) »
Copyright is a legal mechanism that protects the originators of material from their work being copied by somebody else.

You may not post copyrighted material on RootsChat without the written consent of the copyright owner, the detail of which must be included in your posting. If you are in doubt if something is copyright, then assume it is.

You are responsible for the messages that you post to ensure that they do not breach copyright. If you infringe copyright, your post will be deleted by our Copyright Editors, and you could be locked out from using RootsChat.

Copyright Editors have been working for to remove breaches of copyright from RootsChat and contact those in breach and have made excellent progress.  The volume of members and number of posts now mean that this approach is impractical and in future all breaches (and suspected breaches) will be deleted from RootsChat and a notice posted in its place.  There will be no personal message sent as in the past.  Whilst it is recognised that these measures will cause some problems for members they are vital for the protection of RootsChat.

For more detailed information on RootsChat’s copyright policy see