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What's new on the Internet ??
« on: Thursday 21 October 04 11:52 BST (UK) »
There is always something new on the Internet.

How do we keep up ?
Answer: we don't, there is simply too much new information !

I find it useful to check out these genealogy websites, now and again, just to see what's new, whether it is interesting for me, whether it mentions anything I'm researching, ...

1) Cyndi's List - New Additions: http://www.cyndislist(.)com/whatsnew.htm
Quote from: Cyndi
As new links are submitted to me ... they will temporarily be added to a page of uncategorized links for that month.

2) The Genealogy Homepage: http://www.genhomepage(.)com/

There are two interesting links here:
This document lists WWW pages related to genealogy that have recently been announced or discovered. All of the references listed here are included on The Genealogy Home Page.
The following genealogy WWW pages have been submitted for inclusion on the "What's New in WWW Genealogy Pages" page and the Genealogy Home Page, but have not been reviewed.

3) This link site:
also has a section "New Additiions"

4) GENUKI Newsletter:
This newsletter appears approx. every 2 weeks or so.  Among other things:
- lists all new information either appearing on, or accessable from the GENUKI-Site
- lists new Census CDs available
- lists new Directories available
- lists new books
- passes on reader's queries
- lists interesting web-sites
- etc, etc
Any UK Census Data included in this post is Crown Copyright (see: