Author Topic: Where can I find my Folder ?  (Read 2203 times)

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Where can I find my Folder ?
« on: Friday 22 October 04 09:27 BST (UK) »
The postings from Hackstaple on "NEW":   reminded me of something I saw, when I first started looking for genealogy data on the Internet.

On one of the sites I found a "cautionary tale", summarised here:

This man decided to research his family tree. He was convinced that there must be a folder somewhere with all his details in it, so "researching" just meant finding this folder "

He wrote, phoned and visited countless records offices, agencies, etc and met with blank looks everywhere.

One day, on leaving a records office, he met a lady carrying a big thick folder, with her family research. "Where did you find it ?" he asked her, excitedly !

When he finally manged to explain to her what he meant, she said

"I didn't FIND it anywhere.  Thirty years ago I started off with one sheet of paper.  Over the years I found a certificate here, a detail there, and so on,  and now, thirty years on, I have this big thick folder. 

And that's what you have to do, too ! "

I would love to find this article again. Unfortunately I wasn't as organised then, and didn't immediately note down interesting sites, so if anybody else has seen this article, please let me know where !
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