Would you or have you ever used a psychic or medium to help with your family tree research

NO! What a stupid idea!!
16 (59.3%)
It's an interesting idea, I might consider it....one day.
8 (29.6%)
Give me Derek Acorah's number NOW!
2 (7.4%)
Already have.
1 (3.7%)

Total Members Voted: 27

Author Topic: A novel research medium  (Read 3974 times)

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A novel research medium
« on: Monday 25 October 04 11:54 BST (UK) »
Do you believe that a psychic or medium holds the key to helping you unravel your families past? Have you or would you ever use a psychic?
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Re: A novel research medium
« Reply #1 on: Monday 25 October 04 12:12 BST (UK) »
I would consider it but I would have to find a medium who was spot on - one or two of them tend to be a bit vague when they are passing on messages

Can you just imagine all your dead relatives lining up to pass on messages. Bet that would give the medium a headache........you can just hear the arguements

'No he was born in 1765 and was the 3rd of 23 not the 7th of 17! I dont know why your trying to tell her you couldnt remember where your socks were kept when you were alive so how are going to remember when your 2nd cousin 3 times removed was born!'

Might be fun though :)
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Re: A novel research medium
« Reply #2 on: Monday 25 October 04 14:36 BST (UK) »
I've voted "No - What a stupid idea!" - but I voted "no" because  I reckon it's like dancing with the devil  :o
Now, a spot of grave digging though, well that would be a totally different thing altogether.  :P

Did somebody knock?

... ::) ...
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Re: A novel research medium
« Reply #3 on: Monday 25 October 04 16:21 BST (UK) »
I've voted "No - what a stupid idea".   I have had enough red herrings thrown in my path by the living!

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Re: A novel research medium
« Reply #4 on: Monday 25 October 04 18:08 BST (UK) »
I voted no simply because I do not believe in what they claim to be doing ..... however if I ever met one who could pass on information known only to me about my family I might change my mind ..... but as I'm such a cynic I wont hold my breath  :o

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Re: A novel research medium
« Reply #5 on: Monday 25 October 04 18:50 BST (UK) »

I voted no, for the same reasons.  However, if I happened to be talking to one for entertainment and something came up, I might make notes and check it out.

I would kinda like to see what John Edwards would make of my family, not just the tree.  ;D

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Re: A novel research medium
« Reply #6 on: Tuesday 26 October 04 02:16 BST (UK) »
I voted NO, not because I think it's a stupid idea but I rather like digging around and seeing what I can come up with on my own.

Well not actually on my own my daughter helps a lot, I think she wants to take over.

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Re: A novel research medium
« Reply #7 on: Tuesday 26 October 04 03:21 BST (UK) »
I've been to a really good psychic before....therefore, if I could find another one that was as good as she, you bet your bottom dollar I'd go and ask for help. (esp. where the ever elusive Catherine Kearns is concerned!!)

And man, if John Edwards could help me...I'd sign up in a heartbeat. I used to watch him faitfully everday until we got direct TV.

I would not, however, ever use a ouija board. Don't like them one bit.

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Re: A novel research medium
« Reply #8 on: Tuesday 26 October 04 15:21 BST (UK) »
I voted ..no what a stupid idea...mainly because I just ask my guaridian angel or Dad or Gran to help me and it always works !!!

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