Author Topic: Head of Household, aged 11 ?  (Read 2581 times)

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Head of Household, aged 11 ?
« on: Tuesday 26 October 04 08:48 BST (UK) »
Looking for my G-Grandmother, Rose Breeze, I found an entry on the 1881 census for Rose Albina Breeze.

I clicked on her name and got the "Individual Record" with

Head of Household Florence A. HUMPHREY

I then clicked on "Household" and got this record:

Florence A. HUMPHREY Pupil U Female 11 b West Walton, Cambridge, Scholar     
Ethel M. HUMPHREY Pupil U Female 10 b West Walton, Cambridge, Scholar     
Emma ATKINS Pupil U Female 11 b Whittlesea, Cambridge, Scholar     
Emily VAWSER Pupil U Female 12 b March, Cambridge, Scholar     
Rose Albina BREEZE Serv U Female 25 b Upwell, Cambridge, Cook Domestic     
Jemima DACK Serv U Female 23 b Walpole St Peter, Norfolk, Housemaid Domestic     
Annie GEORGE Serv U Female 17 b  Wisbech, Cambridge, Under Housemaid Domestic     

  Institution   Glan Dyfi House 33 Old Market Wisbech St Peter, Cambridge
My G-Grandmother is Rose Elvina Breeze, born 1859 in Upwell Cambs. (or Norfolk, depending when you ask !).  Allowing for the vagaries of enumerators and transcribers, and that the information may not have been correct in the first place (Rose might have lied about her age, to get the job), I feel this is plausible enogh to be "my" Rose Breeze.

So far, no problem !

What intrigues me about this entry, is that Florence Humphrey, aged 11 is given as Head of Household, with four members, and  3 servants ?

I was intending to pose this as a question here, when - in the middle of writing it up - I suddenly thought previous household ! so I clicked it, and got a list of 16 pupils, 3 governesses and a visitor at the same address. I then clicked previous household again and got a Household with one entry at the same address again:

Eliza LEWIS Head W Female 47 b Wisbech, Cambridge, Schoolmistress     

All is now clear (I think !):

On one page, the Head of the Household of Glan Dyfi House was entered, and that was the end of the page. So the entry was continued on the second and then on the third pages of the census book !

My Rose Breeze was on the third page, and the first entry on the third page was enterd in the LDS "individual record" as "Head of Household"

So RootsChat has helped again, this time just by being there !

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