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Re: Le Goupillot Family
« Reply #18 on: Thursday 12 September 19 10:30 BST (UK) »

As you go back to the middle of the 18th century, you know who the parents of Auguste Bienaimé are and where he was born in France, right ?

I find a boy called Auguste Bienaimé GOUPILLIOT (the signature of his father GOUPILLOT) born in 1802 in Quequeville in 1802. Declaration made by the father on Brumaire 20th year 11 (revolutionary calendar). Born the day before = 11/NOV/1802 to Joseph GOUPILL(I)OT and Marie Colastique HERBERT


The family tree on Geneanet :

His wife is listed as Marie GUERGNY

In the death record of their daughter Marie Josephine GOUPILLOT in 1831 at the age of two, the place of birth given is Guernesey.

fille de Auguste Bien-aimé GOUPILLOT et de feue Marie GUERGNY (the late Marie GUERGNY).

Auguste Bienaimé GOUPPILOT is a widower

The child died in the house of a relative. Unfortunately a word is missing "au domicile de sa grande ... " May be at her great aunt's, unless he meant her grandmother and made a confusion with the address.

After the death of his wife (between 1829 and 1831), I guess that Auguste Bienaimé GOUPILLOT  sent their child(ren) back to France, in his family.

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Re: Le Goupillot Family
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By the time of the 1841 census, Auguste was back living in Guernsey and married again to Sophia (surname unknown).  She must have died between 1851 and 1871.  Most likely between 1851 and 1861.  By 1871, Auguste had married again to Mary Judith Le Page, d/o James Le Page and Rachel Tabel (Rachel was my gt x 3 grandfather's sister).

1841:  Commercial Arcade, St Peter Port, Guernsey
A B   Goupillot   38   1803   Grocer   France
S   Goupillot   30   1811      Guernsey
Anne   Goupillot   7   1834      Guernsey
L   Goupillot   3   1838      Guernsey
Augustine   Goupillot   2   1839      Guernsey
Judith   Ozanne   16   1825   Servant   Guernsey
George   Dodd   17   1824   Servant   Guernsey

1851:  2, St James Road Victoria Place, St Peters Port, Guernsey
Auguste   Goupillot   Head   48   1803   Grocer Employing 2 Men   France
Sophia   Goupillot   Wife   40   1811   Domestic Duties   St Peter Port, Guernsey
Ann   Goupillot   Dau   17   1834   -   St Peter Port, Guernsey
Louisa   Goupillot   Dau   13   1838   Scholar   St Peter Port, Guernsey
Augusta   Goupillot   Dau   11   1840   Scholar   St Peter Port, Guernsey
Isabella   Goupillot   Dau   7   1844   Scholar   St Peter Port, Guernsey

1861:  13, Fountain Street, St Peter Port, Guernsey
Auguste   Goupillot   Head   60   1801   Grocer Employing 3 Men   France (British Subject)
Isabella   Goupillot   Dau   17   1844   House Keeper   St Peter Port, Guernsey
Rosa   Goupillot   Dau   14   1847   House Keeper   St Peter Port, Guernsey
Alfred   Goupillot   Son   12   1849   Scholar   St Peter Port, Guernsey
Phidorah   Goupillot   Dau   9   1852   Scholar   St Peter Port, Guernsey
Augustus   Goupillot   Son   7   1854   Scholar   St Peter Port, Guernsey
Thomas   Goupillot   Son   6   1855   Scholar   St Peter Port, Guernsey
Note:  Auguste is recorded as Married but wife not with him.

1871:  Fountain Street, St Peter Port, Guernsey
Auguste   Goupillot   Head   68   1803   Grocer employing 1 man   France
Mary   Goupillot   Wife   40   1831   -   Vale, Guernsey
Thomas   Goupillot   Son   18   1853   Seaman   St Peter Port, Guernsey
Rachel   le Page   Mother-In-Law   69   1802   Annuitant   St Peter Port, Guernsey
Rachel   le Page   Servant   45   1826   General Servant Domestic   St Peter Port, Guernsey
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