Author Topic: Eight Trees Gt Gt Grandparents  (Read 44929 times)

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Re: Eight Trees Gt Gt Grandparents
« Reply #27 on: Saturday 19 August 06 08:02 BST (UK) »
Here's mine, don't have them all as there is an unknown father in there somewhere  :-


William STRICKLAND and Elizabeth RALSTON
Thomas ORME and Honora BRENNAN
John Jones BYERS and Elizabeth Ann GANE
James WILLIAMS and Annie CRISP


Charles BROWN and Sarah FOGG
William PROFFITT and Ann ALLEN
Not Known and Eliza Emma STOCKFORD

Can get 14 out of 16 for the next generation, the only gap being the Not Know partner of E E STOCKFORD that resulted in a daughter.

Census Information Crown Copyright, from

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Re: Eight Trees Gt Gt Grandparents
« Reply #28 on: Saturday 19 August 06 11:11 BST (UK) »
I havent traced down the male line .... bumped into a stumbling block some years back - should probably revisit.

1.  JOSEPH1 MOULE was born Abt. 1688.  He married MARY.  She was born Abt. 1688.
Children of JOSEPH MOULE and MARY are:
2.   i.   GRACE2 MOUL(E), b. 1709, Barley, Hertfordshire; d. Ickleton.
   ii.   JOSEPH MOUL(E), b. 1711, Barley, Hertfordshire.

Generation No. 2

2.  GRACE2 MOUL(E) was born 1709 in Barley, Hertfordshire, and died in Ickleton.  She married THOMAS LILLEY 1731 in Barley, Hertfordshire.  He was born Abt. 1710, and died in Ickleton.
Census information Crown Copyright, from

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Re: Eight Trees Gt Gt Grandparents
« Reply #29 on: Wednesday 23 August 06 12:27 BST (UK) »
Let's see:

Jane Martin m. Josiah Wells, New York
Sarah Nicholson m. William J. Connolly, Johnstone, Renfrewshire, Scotland
Mary Davey m. Timothy J. McClusky, Ogdensburg, New York
Margaret Moore m. Patrick Murphy, Cohoes, NY

Margaret Rose Ryan m. Daniel Gillen, New York
Sarah Heintz m. Charles Schmieg, New York
Bridget Finnerell m. William Davis, Orange, NJ
Sarah Scott m. James Hayes, Orange, NJ

Only 6 of the 16 were born in U.S. And I can't do the next gen completely as Sarah was illegitimate. She is one of my nearest and dearest, as, after a horrible life in Staffordshire, brought to U.S. by James for a better life, she died at 24.
Sligo: Davey (also Mayo), McCluskey, McNulty
Wexford and Staffordshire: Hayes, McClean
Galway and Staffordshire: Scott
Coventry: Wells, Collins, Palmer, Moody, Beck, Mickelwright, Husbands
Ireland: McNulty (Sligo), Kealy, Murphy (Carlow) Connolly, Gillen, Powell, Ryan, Moore, Martin
Davis from I don't know where originally
Stahl, Russia to England to USA

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Re: Eight Trees Gt Gt Grandparents
« Reply #30 on: Wednesday 23 August 06 17:57 BST (UK) »
George CAWTHORN m. Hannah BERRY, Upwell, Cambridgeshire
John RUSSELL m.  Ann HIAM, Upwell, Cambridgeshire
John SCOTT m. Hannah DONCASTER, Upwell, Cambridgeshire
William LAVENDER m. Mary DONCASTER, Chatteris, Cambridgeshire.

Emmanuel PALMER m. Susannah TEED, Ramsey, Huntingdonshire
John WATSON m. Catherine O'CONNOR, Bandon, Co. Cork, Ireland
James SCALES m. Elizabeth DILLEY, Buckland, Hertfordshire
John SMITH m. Harriet HAWKINS, Little Wymondley, Hertfordforshire.

CAWTHORN, SCOTT & DeSilva PALMER from Cambridgeshire & West Norfolk [and beyond]

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Re: Eight Trees Gt Gt Grandparents
« Reply #31 on: Thursday 24 August 06 23:33 BST (UK) »
ooo, I like this - but only 15/16 :'(

Henry /Alliston/ m. Mary Ann /Warren nee Pettican/ 17 Feb 1845 in Marks Tey, Essex
James /Claydon/ m. Sophia /Lambert/ 23 Jun 1850 in Rayne, Essex
Isaac /Ward formerly Adams/ m. Caroline /Warren/ 4 Jul 1851 in Stradbroke, Suffolk
Emma /Birt/ had daughter in 1856

Henry /Cormack/ m. Elizabeth /Matthews/  31 Oct 1854 in Hoxton
George /Nevill/ m. Augusta Robinson /Boddy/ 1 Sep 1851 in  Islington
George /Shephard/ m. Sarah /Westerman/ 8 Oct 1850 in St Mary Newington, Surrey
Joshua /Pooley/ m. Lucy /Grinsted/ 13 Jan 1850 in Brighton

Rosemary :D
Census information Crown Copyright, from

Essex: Allison/Alliston, Claydon, Lambert, Pettican, Willsher, Mead, Butcher
Hampshire: Boddy, Webb, Yatman
London & adjacent: Boddy, Cormack, Nevill, Shephard, Westerman, Palmer
Norfolk: Surflen
Suffolk: Adams, Birt, Pooley, Smythe (Stanton & Badingham), Ward, Wham
Sussex: Grinsted, Pooley, Tillstone, Batcock, Bartlett, Peters
Warwickshire: Shephard

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Re: Eight Trees Gt Gt Grandparents
« Reply #32 on: Friday 25 August 06 01:15 BST (UK) »

John Ennis and Mary McGee, County Down
Benjamin Henry Chapman and Mary Pepper, County Wicklow
Robert Logan and Janet Conning, Wigtownshire
Cyrus Ware and Nancy Mitchell, Maine


Josiah Banks and Elizabeth Taylor, Somerset
Charles Duddridge and Sarah Richards, Somerset
James Barnard and Susannah Pillinger, Gloucestershire
xxx and yyy, Gloucestershire [no proof, but I think I know who they are]
Wiltshire:  Banks, Taylor
Somerset:  Duddridge, Richards, Barnard, Pillinger
Gloucestershire:  Barnard, Marsh, Crossman
Bristol:  Banks, Duddridge, Barnard
Down:  Ennis, McGee
Wicklow:  Chapman, Pepper
Wigtownshire:  Logan, Conning
Wisconsin:  Ennis, Chapman, Logan, Ware
Maine:  Ware, Mitchell, Tarr, Davis

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Re: Eight Trees Gt Gt Grandparents
« Reply #33 on: Monday 13 November 06 07:31 GMT (UK) »
Mine are

Mary Smith m Charles Wichett
Louisa Montgomery m Frederick Heath
Susanah Player m John Gran
Mary Salmon m Thomas Smith

Maria Kinshot m John Coles
Harriet Barham m William Strong
Caroline Goult m Thomas Webb
Elizabeth Pelton m Alfred Allen

I have also got 27 out of my 32 Gt.Gt.Gt. Grandparents   ::)

London - Wichett, GRAN, Pelton,Allen,Heath,Webb,Hooker, BARHAM, Rimes, Smith, Player, Cheesman, Salmon, Strong
Hampshire - Coles, Bone
Suffolk - Webb, Gault
Carlisle - Strong, Donaldson, Bennett

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Re: Eight Trees Gt Gt Grandparents
« Reply #34 on: Monday 13 November 06 09:34 GMT (UK) »
I have


William GAUNT b 1828  m Ann MAYER b. 1835
William PHILLIPS b c1827  m Hannah SCOTT b 1831
Thomas GUY b 1823   m  Ann DOYLE b 1826
Adam GRINDROD b  1832  m Mary Ann HAWORTH b 1835


Alexander BARTLEY b 1835 m Margaret GALLAGHER b 1833
Peter BOOTH  b 1824  m Anne EVERS  b 1828
Charles NEVILLE b 1830 m Mary HAMILTON b 1834
Michael DELAHUNTY b 1841  m  Mary JONES  b1842

I also have
18  Gt.x3. Grandparents found
11  Gt.x4. Grandparents found
10  Gt x 5 Grandparents found
6    Gt x6  Grandparents found
7    Gt.x7  Grandparents found
6    Gt x8 Grandparents found

We all have
2 parents
4 grandparents
8 great grandparents
16 great grandparents
32 great x 3 grandparents
64 great x 4 grandparents
128 great x 5 grandparents
256 great x 6 grandparents
512 great x 7 grandparents
1024 great x 8 grandparents
Etc etc

Time to get busy!

GAUNT N Staffordshire,GAUNT Manchester.GUY,Shropshire, BARTLEY,Salford, Lancs, NEVILLE,Salford. PHILLIPS,Staffs, MAYER,Staffs,COSSAR,Berwick, E and Mid Lothian and Argyll. HIGGINS,Glasgowand Dunoon,Argyll.GALLAGHER,Argyll,IRISH,Herts.

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Re: Eight Trees Gt Gt Grandparents
« Reply #35 on: Monday 13 November 06 22:24 GMT (UK) »
I have found all 16 gg grandparents on the 1841 census with their families.

Thomas Horne b 1817 Gloucestershire
Sarah Knight b 1820  Worcestershire

Thomas Baines b 1817 Leicester
Mary Hill b 1814 Leicester

William Cox Somerset  b1799
Rachel Heal b1801 Somerset

William Harvey b1814 Somerset
Jane Burch b 1817 Somerset


Joseph Wilton b1805 Gloucestershire
Mary Lewis b1805 Gloucestershire

John Cavvell b1820 Somerset
Emma Cleverley b1820 Somerset

Edwin Blacker b 1812 Somerset
Sophia Colborn 1822 Somerset

Edmund Withers b1811 Somerset
Elizabeth Kingston b 1818 Somerset

Does that make me English?

Somerset:  Blacker, Wilton, Withers, Cox, Cleverley and Cavill
Gloucestershire: Horne