Author Topic: My boring ancestors  (Read 6177 times)

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Re: My boring ancestors
« Reply #18 on: Wednesday 10 November 04 13:07 GMT (UK) »

I've just been having another look at one of mine - I know he was a serial adulterer, had 11 children with one particular lady although he never married her - even left a cottage and some land to another of his baseborn sons, but what does he give as his occupation on the census ??...

Ag Lab  ??? - blowed if I know how he found the time or the energy to go to work !  lol
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Sussex - Knapp. Nailard. Potten. Coleman. Pomfrey. Carter. Picknell
Greenwich/Woolwich. - Clowting. Davis. Kitts. Ferguson. Lowther. Carvalho. Pressman. Redknap. Argent.
Hertfordshire - Sturgeon. Bird. Rule. Claxton. Taylor. Braggins