Author Topic: My boring ancestors  (Read 6174 times)

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Re: My boring ancestors
« Reply #9 on: Sunday 07 November 04 16:19 GMT (UK) »
WHat out for what you wish for it may come true!!  I thought the same family was dull.  All ag laborers.  Solid but not so exciting, until......

I have aline of persons in my Portas and Tyson families that could not get married before having children...sometimes 10 years after the fact and 5 children later.  Do you know how hard it is to trace this line?  In the wills they left, they talk about all their natural children with the wife's maiden name and the legit children with the father's name.  Not to mention there are 3 generations one after another like this.  They drive me batty!!  As they cannot follow the rules of polite society! (and I love them for being rule breakers)

So sometimes dull is not a bad thing when trying to trace a family.  You know the rules of the game much better. ;D  - Kristin
George William Burke.. my missing link!! son of Wm Burke & Mary Jane Stone/Morris
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Re: My boring ancestors
« Reply #10 on: Sunday 07 November 04 19:24 GMT (UK) »
In my first couple of weeks doing this I thought my ancestors were of Italian extract until someone kindly pointed out that names used to be recorded in Latin, so they are all very boring ag.labs an fishermen. A very red faced me.

A second cousin did my birth family back to a nephew of Edward the Confessor, and I found a site with a Norse book and I followed back the line of the the kings till I got to  a grandson of Noah, but even I couldn't swallow that one...

I did try to make my husband walk backwards out of the room when I found my "Royal" links, but alas, It was nothing to do with me at all, maybe when I get into it I will find  just a touch of excitement in my biological family,

I do think we must have powerful genes though, if we are the end result of thousands of years of strife and wars and all that our ancestors had to go through, I wonder how disappointed they are in us?  Jakky
Thomas.  Wigan Bolton & Fleetwood
Wilcox. Liverpool & Fleetwood.
Lamplough. Hull.
Hallam. Wigan & Bolton
Jordan. Hackney.
Burtonwood. Wigan,Bolton
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Re: My boring ancestors
« Reply #11 on: Sunday 07 November 04 19:43 GMT (UK) »
To put an end to this apparent lack of interesting ancestors, it is your duty to your descendants to get out there & do something MEMORABLE! But preferably not criminal or adulterous  :-\ What about streaking?   :o

Boring ancestors... a fate worse than death?

Preferably not criminal.... 

Minn, sweety, the last time I looked,  'streaking' was right up there with 'indecent exposure' and 'lewd and lascivious behaviour'.   :o

On the other hand, so is skinny dipping, and it's loads more fun!  ;D


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Re: My boring ancestors
« Reply #12 on: Sunday 07 November 04 20:21 GMT (UK) »
 But in my defence  it is a "victimless" crime, Your Honour  :-[  Not saying that I would do it though!
BROGRAVE - Norfolk
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LONG - Wiltshire/Somerset 
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HAWKER - Kings Stanley
WARD - Cheltenham

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Re: My boring ancestors
« Reply #13 on: Monday 08 November 04 07:02 GMT (UK) »
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Re: My boring ancestors
« Reply #14 on: Monday 08 November 04 08:33 GMT (UK) »
Mea culpa, Bob. My memory is slipping at my advanced age. Have pity on an old man in his dotage.
But my ancestors are still boring. If they were alive today they could Bore for England.
One of them was probably the source of the joke:
"I've just been to Bordeaux". "Really, who is Do"?
Southern or Southan [Hereford , Monmouthshire & Glos], Jenkins, Meredith and Morgan [Monmouthshire and Glos.], Murrill, Damary, Damry, Ray, Lawrence [all Middx. & London], Nethway from Kenn or Yatton. Also Riley and Lyons in South Africa and Riley from St. Helena.
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Re: My boring ancestors
« Reply #15 on: Monday 08 November 04 10:03 GMT (UK) »
Have i already mentioned that one of mine was fined 9s for riding a bike with no lights?  ;)
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Re: My boring ancestors
« Reply #16 on: Monday 08 November 04 10:11 GMT (UK) »
yea but Fitty that WAS you !!!!     ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
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Re: My boring ancestors
« Reply #17 on: Monday 08 November 04 10:34 GMT (UK) »
Hack, I too have very boring ancestors.

Mostly agricultural labourers or railway workers, all from Montgomeryshire.  All married, then produced more agricultural labourers.................!!!!!!

Even more boring are the surnames - Jones - tons of 'em!!!!, Mills - tons of them too!, Lewis - what a headache!.  Probably the most interesting surnames are Challinor, Beaton and Crisp!!!!!!!!

That's about it!! Boring eh???
All UK Census Transcriptions are Crown Copyright, from

Bennett, Owen, Owens, Hudson, Crisp, Challinor/Challoner/Chaloner, Lewis, James, Richards, Simon, Mills, Evans, Trow, Davies, Turner, Beaton/Betton, Lloyd, Jenkins, Evans.....and a ton of JONES!!!!

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