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Re: Moss Alley Southwark
« Reply #36 on: Thursday 28 September 06 15:02 BST (UK) »
The maps I ordered yesterday arrived today,  8)

I got a copy of the Ordnance Survey Map for Bankside for 1873. ( Sheet 7.75)
Moss Alley is shown there perfectly. I have tried to scan it, to place it on here, but I would have to reduce it so much as to loose all the detail.  :'(
I do recommend these maps, they are really usefull.
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Re: Moss Alley Southwark
« Reply #37 on: Sunday 30 November 14 16:44 GMT (UK) »
Hello Patricia - are you still monitoring this topic? There were Lovelocks at 24 Moss Alley in 1861, 1871 and 1881, although the head of the household kept changing some of his details. Still trying to place them which is how I found this topic. But more to the point - my mother was an Occomore. Are you the Patricia I think you might be?
Regards, Graham
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Re: Moss Alley Southwark
« Reply #38 on: Sunday 30 November 14 21:25 GMT (UK) »
Hi Graham

If you are referring to Jones the Search, she hasn't been online here since Sept 2013.

As long as her email address hasn't changed, she should receive a notification that we have posted and hopefuly come back soon.

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