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Buying Census Cd's
« on: Monday 08 November 04 10:55 GMT (UK) »
Hi, can anyone advise me about buying census CD's please?

I have been considering buying some census cds and as yet haven't! They aren't particularly cheap to buy, which isn't really the issue, but alot to spend if the end product is not what you think!!

Can someone please give me the benefit of their experience as to what to look out for when buying them, things to check for ease of use etc. etc.

This question also applies to buying parish records on cd.

Like many others I have to use the internet, generous offers of help and pay the occasional reasercher to gather info for my family tree (I have two very young children who are not welcomed in the records office for obvious reasons!).

Claire (aka tabitha) :)
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Re: Buying Census Cd's
« Reply #1 on: Monday 08 November 04 12:34 GMT (UK) »
Some census CDs are of the transcribed variety, while others are scanned copies of the pages.

The transcribed versions are easier to search, but many mistakes will be found in the transcriptions due to the often poor handwriting of the enumerator.

The scanned pages let you interpret what the words on the pages are for yourself, but most are not supplied with a searchable index of names.

Some CD's have low quality images (probably to save space on the disk). They are sometimes difficult to read. have most of the UK available online for 1891 & 1871 - both searchable & scanned pages.

FreeCEN are slowly providing census data online - for free...

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Re: Buying Census Cd's
« Reply #2 on: Monday 08 November 04 13:01 GMT (UK) »
If you know which geographical areas and census years  you need put requests on the appropriate county boards and see what help you get.